Heavy Canvas

In this experience I was walking with three unidentified people that I perceived were friends. The setting where we were was like a military camp. Like the field environment at Fort Drum. I also felt like I was still in my National Guard unit. We met up with three other people. I was supposed to do some sort of recon or survey, and the other three people we met up with were to supply me with the vehicle.

The vehicle was supplied, it was a van, I took the van and drove it on the route that was given to me.  I followed the route and did the survey.

 When I brought back the survey, and gave it to the person in charge of the other three people. Me and the people that was with me made plans to vacate the area.

We are going to use the same route that I used to get the survey to get away and out of the area. Before that happened, we had problems getting a vehicle. But we finally found one,  but we had to fix it up.

One of the persons that I was with, covered the back of the vehicle with a heavy canvas. However, the canvas was flawed, it had thee strips in it. He said that in each strip was a rattle snake. I particular didn’t like to sit in a vehicle with snakes embedded in the canvas. I cannot recall the reason why the snakes were put there in the first place.

Before we left the area, I saw that the leader of the other three group of people changed his clothes from that of military fatigues to civilian attire of a white shirt and blue jeans. The funny thing with this is that the jeans was hanging down off his ass. The ungraceful style that is called “sagging” where the jeans are pulled down halfway showing the person’s underwear covered ass.

The person said that he is going to follow us on his way out of the camp. Then I was asking the driver of the group of three that I was with if it was necessary for the snakes to be in the canvas; and his answer was that if I didn’t like the snakes being there, I should have used the van and get out of the area. I said that I couldn’t use the van because it didn’t belong to me. So now I have to accept things how it is.

We went on our journey, with the other group of three people following us, traveling on the route that I recon’ed. Then at a certain location on the route, the other group in the van veered off and went their separate way.

We continued our journey along the route until we finally exited the camp and entered the highway. The canvas became loose so I put my legs outside because I didn’t want to be bitten if the snakes that was in the canvas became loose.

The canvas became so loose that we had to stop to put it back on the top of the vehicle. However, the Part of the canvas were the snakes were came apart.

I wasn’t too pleased to have to deal with the snakes. But when I looked, I saw that there were fishes in water instead of snakes. There were two on the left side of the canvas, one in the middle, and two on the right side.  

I’m not to sure if this was a metaphor giving me some type of message. I guess I’m going to have to ponder about this for a while.

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