The Interview

            True_George has decided to put in his two cents when it comes to this Prince Harry & Meghan Markle business.

In a country where the law of the land is dictated by a living document we call “The Constitution;” where titles and nobility has been done away with; there has been a considerable interest in Britain’s Prince Harry, and his wife, the American born Meghan Markle and their break with Buckingham Palace.

The interview conducted by Oprah Winfrey, was cordial, it was supposed to be a no hold bars interview; with claims that the couple Harry and Meghan received no compensation.

Things were said, which led True_George to believe that either Markle was playing dumb, or that she was truly naive as to what she was getting into when she married the Prince.

 Meghan admitted that she naively went into the marriage, that she didn’t do any research on the Royal Family. Come on now, no research or didn’t know anything about Britain’s Royal family? Does anyone actually believe that she knew absolutely nothing? That Harry didn’t tell her a thing or two. Sorry, but True_George doesn’t believe that claim that she was naive.

But what True_George believes is that Meghan probably never knew that the Royal family has handlers. That they are not really in control of the day-to-day matters that goes on in the Royal household. Unless the Queen, and other senior family members are told of conflicts, or situations concerning the Royal staff, they would never know what is going on.

Maybe Meghan, thought that the Royals were absolute, but she learned that they are not. For example, the monarchy is an institution; that the Queen and the Prince and Princesses are just figure heads. Yeah, they have implied power, but let’s face it, they are not the ones who are the administrators. Plus, the Royals just don’t have the freedom to do has they please. Meghan could not handle the restrictions. Yes, she was silenced like the rest of the Royal family.

As far as the British press is concerned; it isn’t like the American press.  Mike Tyson said that the American Press can be paid to back off, that the British press doesn’t care about money, they are more into exploiting people’s integrity and if they don’t like you they can destroy you. Plus  if they know that they can get under your skin, they will be relentless. Since Meghan was a newcomer into the Royal family, it was only natural that they  (British press) would talk about her every chance they got.

The British Press would compare her with Kate Middleton; that they will be more favorable towards Middleton because Meghan is an American divorcee. Perhaps there was an element of bias because Meghan is mixed race. But in time, the over zealousness would have died down, had Meghan followed the protocol and not make the press know how she really felt.  

As for concerns from members of the Royal family about the skin tone of baby Archie. Well, what did Meghan expect. She knows that in a normal family that the issue of skin tone of a bi-racial person would be questioned. Well, at least it will be in America.

Now how would it not be a concern in a aristocratic family. I agree that it is disrespectful that the senior Royal would voice the concern. But the reality is that senior Royal said what is probably on the mind of other members of the Royal family.

Then there was the issue of the title of Prince for baby Archie. The protocol is that the great grand children of the monarchy won’t get the title of prince or princess, except for the children of the eldest son. So, Harry’s older Brother’s children will have the virtu of having the title of Prince and Princess; but Harry’s children will not have that virtue.

So Meghan is wrong on this one. That baby Archie not being granted the title of Prince, has nothing to do with being a child of a mixed raced American Mother. Harry should have known this,  But it is understood that Meghan’s real issue with the Royals is that they at least should have agreed to provide security.

But, now that Harry and Meghan decided to withdraw from Royal life, the Royals also pulled their security. Even Oprah asked Harry if he hoped to have it both ways. Seemed like a thought-provoking question; but he even had to admit that he didn’t expect the Royals to pull his security. But they did.  

The real state of relations between the Royals and Harry are unknown; but the Royals have a history of rifts between each other. Usually centered around claims to the throne. In the old days, if Harry wasn’t happy with the way his wife was treated, he could raise an Army and make a challenge for the throne. Or, the Queen could send Soldiers to bring back Harry and Meghan to London, and lock them up in the Tower of London.

Overall, one cannot help but feel sorry for Meghan. She is getting rift from her own family as well as having a rift with the Royal family. She never had much of a relationship between her half siblings before her marriage into the Royal family. That her half-sister is so jealous that she is doing anything to benefit financially. Even if it means throwing Meghan under the bus. Her Father was outed as an opportunist, who sold his soul for pieces of silver.

The Royal Family will stick to their protocol and won’t even deny or acknowledge any of the subject brought up. They won’t even put out their own interview. But it remains to be ssen how they will respond.  

Now that Harry and Meghan they are in America, living in freedom and living by their own means, good luck to them. But at the end of the day, time has a way of working things out. Harry won’t be isolated from the Royal Family.


  1. Great post. I’m pretty much a Royalist and agree with everything you’ve said. Meghan must have known how things would be – there’s been plenty of examples and publicity from the Diana thing years ago – similar situation – although I believe Diana really was naive about it all – she was very young.

    Everyone must know by now, even Americans, that, if you move into the British Royal Family you have very many restrictions – in some cases you’re more or less ‘muzzled’.

    The reason the British press favour Kate Middleton is that she knows what’s expected of her and she toes the Royal line – William chose well – unlike Harry! Kate just gets on with the job.

    BTW – I never saw the interview and haven’t even read about it as I generally don’t bother with ‘celeb’ type gossip articles. Oprah sounds to have run a good interview though…

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    • Thanks, Meghan had the information but wanted things her way. Diane was young and I believe she was never groomed into the life. After all Prince Charles never truly loved her to even spend time with her and help her with the life.
      Harry could have done more, but I heard he was having to deal with mental issued from his service in Afghanistan. That the Royals accepted Meghan because she was a key factor in helping Harry cope. Even Prince Charles and the Queen indicated that they liked her.
      The Royals should have groomed her, and give her a picture of how life would be like. All that should have been on the table before she agreed to the marriage. But I guess it was the last thing on their mind.
      Barbara Walters used to be the interviewer of the stars; now its Oprah Winfrey..
      Goto the CBS site and you’ll find the full interview there. You won’t find it anywhere else. They are limiting it. Pretty soon it will be taken down.
      Its funny how the rest of the world rendered their monarchy powerless; but Britain’s monarchy still have a lot of influence at home and aboard even though it has no formal political power…


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