For some reason, I saw images from an old Doctor Who episode, called the “Planet of the Spiders.” I saw the scene and heard the chanting from the secret society group summoning the giant spiders.

But the thing is that after the spiders appeared, instead of the scene from the Doctor Who episode continued, it was where my subconscious took over, and created its own story line.

The story line that was created was kind of fuzzy after I woke up. But I waited too long to record this experience, that there isn’t a good conscious recollection of the events.

I guess I can only post a preview of the Doctor Who episode I’m talking about. Couldn’t find the full one, but I’m glad that some of it is on the web.

You see the British Broadcast Corporation (BBC) had a nasty habit of being cheap, and not wanting to purchase new tapes to record new programming. They just usually take the oldest tapes, erase them and use them again.

This went on from the earliest days of television, right up to the 1980’s. The result is that the BBC lost many classic performances and programming. Doctor Who was among the victims.

But Doctor who got lucky; you see, Doctor Who had fans all over the world; so the BBC loaned copies of tapes of Doctor Who programing to foreign board casting companies in the Middle East and Australia.  However, BBC management didn’t retrieve the tapes back from the foreign countries. This allowed the Doctor Who programs to be spared from being erased from history. Even though the originals were erased, the copies were still out there being spared from the BBC’s mismanagement. Now when the BBC’s project of looking for the tapes it loaned out and never bother to get them back; were able to retrieve copies of lost Doctor Who episodes.     


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