Love In The Garden

In the Garden of Eden, where the two creatures for every species of animals that were created called home.  Adam and Lillith who were the ones who held dominion over all the other animals were having another argument. Lillith, was complaining how the shelter needs to be repaired., among other things that she isn’t happy with.

But all Adam  can hear is nag,nag,nag and more nag. It went through one ear, and out the other. Adam grabbed the fermented fruit juice and just drank.

Lilllith seeing that her complaints fall on death ears had enough, she looked upward, and shouted, you! You’re the one who put here me with him! Why did you make him my lover! I don’t like who he is! All he does, is drink that fermented fruit juice and watch the other animal’s fight. 

God said, “oh, no, what have I done? Lilllith is nagging again, if I can’t stand hearing it, imagine how Adam feels. No wonder he is getting drunk, drinking all that fermented fruit juice all the time. It’s a good thing he hasn’t discovered the concept of suicide. Because if I was a human, and have to hear that constant nagging, I will surly kill myself. What can I do to resolve this situation……….”

Continuing Reading story in “Wasn’t Meant to be: 4 Sagas of Toxic Romance:”

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