Late Night Visit

I was doing some cleaning up in my bedroom; I had a lot of stuff that needed to be organized. It was late and I felt kind of fatigue, especially because cleaning up little odds and ends is time consuming if it isn’t constantly done every day.  So I took a break and laid on my bed. The lights were still on, in my room and the adjacent room but the lights were off in the hall way.

When I laid on the bed I had a feeling that somebody entered the apartment; at this point I don’t know whether I was semi-conscious, but I was physically attempting to call out “whose there;” but the paralysis prevented me from getting out the words.

Somehow my vision zoomed in like I has a pair of binoculars and I got a close up view of the silhouette of two beings coming into the adjacent room from the hall way.  Surprisingly the beings started to look like my parents. Then I asked the one who resembled my father, what are you doing here. He said that they came by to visit.   

Then he asked me if I was drinking my beer; I looked to the left and saw that my desk did not have my computer key board or the other papers on it. It only had a can of some sort of beverage, a tall glass, and two cans of beer. One of the cans of beer belonged to the being that resembled my father.

When he asked me if I was going to drink my beer he poured the contents of the beverage can into the glass, it looked fizzled like a carbonated drink; and looked like an orange liquid, kind of like soda more than beer.  I didn’t want to tell my father that I don’t drink beer that much anymore, but decided to have some.

  When I took the glass and sipped a mouthful of the beverage it tasted like soda instead of beer.  I don’t drink soda, so I didn’t want to finish the beverage. I said to the figure representing my father that the beverage in the glass isn’t beer, its soda and I don’t want the rest.

I saw the second can of beer that was next to the beer that the figure representing my father was drinking. I said to him let me take that beer. The can of beer had a straw in it and I used it to sip the beer. The figure representing my father said that the can of beer that I’m now drinking belongs to my friend WD. But WD was nowhere to be found.

After during half of the beer, I put the can down on the table, and the being representing my father gave me some money, he put it on the table and left.

Then I felt a smaller being in the apartment; she told me her name was S, the name of the girlfriend of CS one of my clients on the second gig. I don’t know why her name would be associated with me, because I don’t know her like that; and I don’t interact with CS on a personal level.

This figure representing S was looking for the money. She took the money off the table. When I came out the room, I asked S what is she doing here, and she said she came for the money. I looked on the table and I did not see the money. I asked S, where is the money? She said she found it, and I told her to give it back to me, the money does not belong to you.

She gave me the money, and I told her since you found the money, I’ll give you $5.00 as a reward. S did not want the $5.00; she wanted all of the money. She wasn’t happy with the $5.00 but took it anyway.

I didn’t trust her so I did not put the money back on the table; I took it and put it under my pillow. 

S got CS and they came into my room to search for the money. I was lying on my bed with the money under my pillow.   They demanded to know where I put the money.  I wouldn’t tell them. CS got threatening, he is a big man, and the figure representing him was a similar size.

He pinned me down and I felt S attempting to go through my pockets looking for the money. But, I wasn’t worried, because I practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), and a basic BJJ skill is to reverse the mounted position. 

I found I couldn’t fully reverse the mount because my feet were dangling off the bed. So I used another technique to get him off me. Once I did that and got him off me, he became a bit more humble and stopped being threatening.

Once he was off me, I could still feel S by my legs searching for the money. But she found the jar with my coin change and she started taking the coins out of the jar. She was satisfied with the little coins she took from the jar, and then they left the room.

After they left; I heard a voice say, “aren’t you going to sleep under the covers.”  My answer was “maybe.”

© 2020 All Rights Reserved

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