Addicted Whores

All I can say is just because a woman may look beautiful, have all the curves, and a well-proportioned asserts and real milk bars. They could still be a walking disaster. It all started when me and my pal Winston left a club perhaps around 4 or was it 5? We were in that club all night. We got in the car and Winston was to drop me off at home, as we were driving Winston spots these two women. They were looking good and they turned our heads. You know the head without the brain. Winston pulls down the window, says something to get their attention. They fell for it; they came up to the car we say our lines then they agreed to come with us. Got dam we gonna get some leg, and maybe some head from these women. So as we were driving to their place, the women said they need something to help them get in the mood. They gave us a street name and told us that they can get what they needed from there. The street was in a seedy part of town. In fact it was a fucked up part of town. I certainly wouldn’t be caught dead here, there is nothing but drug dens on that street. My suspensions were correct because one of the women told us that they are here to buy some drugs. They needed one of us to walk with them; shit, I was elected. I went with one of the women to this building that was flanked by some rough looking motherfuckers. We go inside, she passed the money through a slot, and then the drugs were passed to her. We leave and got back in the car and continued on to their place. Now these women were well dressed but they lived in a fucked up building, and their apartment was fucked up and they had no furniture but a chair, table and mattress and it smelled funny. They took out the drugs and took out homemade glass pipes and started to smoke the drugs. I looked at Winston and said, you mother fucker, what have you gotten us into? Yooo, I don’t even want the pussy anymore, they completely turned me off. We got to think of something to get out of here. At the same time the women were insisting that we should take a hit of the pipe, and they started to play with themselves. Shit, no way; and then an idea popped into my head. I told the nasty whores that we needed to get some wine and some weed so that we can have a real party. They agreed, I insisted that they stay and make sure they have the pum pum nice and wet for us when we return. Winston and I ran out of there as fast as we can and never looked back.
Third Rate Romance

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