The Party


This another eventful dream that made no sense to me perhaps a fragment of my imagination. Or it could be something I had on my mind. The setting of this one was in the building I called home.

I dreamed that I was in the apartment where I currently live. The apartment on the right side on the floor above was rented out to new tenants. They were two men, I did not recognize who they were. They decided to have a party. Some of the other longtime tenants were objecting to the party because the only guests were women. The women were very beautiful but they may have been prostitutes; overall the party was a sex party. As the party was in session, I could not hear music; the only noise coming from the apartment was sounds of loud sex. Some of the women came and knocked on my door, and asked if something could be done to stop the party.

It sounded as if the women were in pain. When I went upstairs to check to see if the women were being forced to do things that they didn’t want to do, the men said that everything was all right. I saw the women, and they confirmed that everything was OK. The reasoning why they were screaming was because they had so much sex that they were unable to take anymore without feeling something like pain or hyper stimulation. Maybe they were experiencing virginal dryness.

I left and went downstairs to the basement; and then I went to check the mailbox. The mailbox appeared to have no door. I took the mail out and sorted the junk mail from the good mail. After that I went to make sure that the basement was locked. Then I got a feeling that I was being set up to be robbed. I got that feeling because the door bell rung, and when I went downstairs to see who rang the bell, nobody was at the door.

As I was going back upstairs I heard someone trying to open the basement door from the inside. I looked down in the basement; it seemed that a hole was on top of the basement which enabled me to look down into the basement. I saw that someone was inside, but his plan to do any type of burglary was foiled, because he could not get the door open.

I was going to hit him with a shovel, but when I looked I saw the cat and I thought that he would hurt the cat, and then I saw my big brother P. He was about to enter the basement from the side door. He was entering directly in the area where the man was. In that instance, I unlocked the door and has his head came up through the hole that I was looking into, I hit him with the shovel.

I did not see him fall out; I saw the cat jumping to grab something out of his hand. Then I saw that the cat had a yoyo bouncing it up and down, it must have been the object the cat grabbed from the man’s hand. P never entered the scene. He had disappeared.

The man was being taken away by Police Officers. The man confessed that he was working for the men who staged the party upstairs, and that they robbed other buildings on the block by the same method. The party was the distraction while the man does the robbery. I went upstairs and stopped the party. As I entered the upstairs apartment, I saw the brains of the outfit; it was a woman who resembled B.M one of my co-workers on the job.

The background turned into a bedroom, I locked the door behind me, I told her, “stay where you are.” She was on the bed, and she was wearing a skirt. I went up to her and put my hands under the skirt and took off her panties, then I took off my pants and proceeded to have sex with her. After we had finished having sex she had disappeared. Then the Police came into the apartment and arrested the men and took them away. The women attending the party did not know anything about the men’s activities. The Police did not arrest them. I saw the woman in the same room where I had sex with B.M. I was talking to them. The dream ended at that point…….

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