In a Flash


In between my dream state I was thinking about the Flash. I have been watching a marathon of the series The Flash on Netflix I’m on season 3 right now. I was thinking of the variations between how they are portraying the Flash in the series and how he is in the comics. There are some similarities and there are some contrasts and some stuff that I haven’t heard of, it’s been quite a few years since I’ve read the comic books.

The series have Barry Allan as a Forensic Scientist the same as the comics. Except at the point in time it was just called a Police scientist. In the comics the Flash got his powers when lightning struck some chemicals in Allan’s lab and after emerging from a coma he was the fastest man alive. In the series Allen got his powers because rouge Scientist Harrison Wells created a nuclear particle wave generator and along with a lightning strike of the chemicals in the Lab, the Flash got his powers after emerging from a coma. Then there is Iris; she was his wife in the comics. In the series she is his Foster sister and best friend who he is in love with and he has not acted on the feelings. The series talks about the killing of his mother and that his father was incarcerated for it. No such event took place in the comics. Then there is his team that consists of genius Scientists, Catlin and Cisco, as far as I remember in the comics Flash worked alone he did not have a team with eyes all over the city. Then the villains he faced were also what were called meta-humans created by the same wave particle that created the Flash. I don’t remember too much about Teen-Flash.

The thing that separates the comics from the series is the concept of the Speed Force; a god like force with entities that is responsible for the Flash’s powers and the regulation of the speed powers; perhaps giving the speed affair some sort of spiritual component. The concept of the multiverse was introduced. The concept was usually written about in the Justice League of America comics, not in the Flash comics. But it is also a part of the Flash series.   I don’t want this to be a Flash review. But the Flash is co related to the dream that I had. I felt the dream that my subconscious cooked up had it’s foundation with the Flash…

What I dreamed was about traveling from one end of NYC to the other. I was riding on some type of vehicle. Perhaps a mother powered skateboard. I was lying on the board going through the streets. Finally I came to Williamsburg which is the last neighborhood before reaching the East River. Yet, I did not want to go that far. But I went that far and as soon as I crossed over to Williamsburg the weather changed. It was like going from summer to winter. The road turned to ice. Then I slide down the big hill. I wanted to get back to the summer side of the city. I climb up the hill one side of the hill the ice was melting so I went to that side and climb up halfway. Then I saw that there was some sort of bunker. I used the door to climb where the window was. Maybe I can get in the bunker and walk to the roof where I will be able to go over the hill to the other side of the city. I couldn’t fit into the window. But when I looked inside the bunker I saw a friend of mine that I briefly knew, and he remembered me. So he asked the owners if I can come in out the cold. They agreed to let me in. Once in a saw that inside was cramped, but it was better than being in the cold. Then they were making some fabric so I helped by duplicating my Flash costume. When I finished I was in a room with the female owner. She mentioned that I will soon get enough of her. Then I saw that I was being examined. They saw that I had a lot of injuries that were healed. They said how it is possible that I could have so much horrific traumas and survived. They did not know about my enhanced healing properties. But nevertheless the owners revealed themselves to me as aliens. They said that they are stuck on the planet but cannot take the wind and cold so they created the bunker to attract people and once in they merge themselves to the people and they feed off what is in the intestines. Then they discard the person. I saw one of the aliens talk to someone else and thanked him for his service before putting his head into a grinder. The clogs crushed his head and his body and he was sucked into the pipes to be discarded. Then they did the same thing to my friend. Then they took off my clothes and attempted to merge with me but couldn’t because of my enhanced immune system. Then they saw they could do nothing with me and they put me through the grinder. I ended up crushed and  sucked into the pipes an d ejected out the bunker. My body ended up putting itself together and I was able to walk to a shelter. I saw that I knew the people operating the shelter. They thought I came to work. But I wasn’t completely put back together. I didn’t take the job offer because I couldn’t physically work. Then out of the blue the body started to build itself up over a short time period. Then I found out that Wonder Woman was investigating the bunker. She went undercover in the bunker. She was also put through the grinder and since she is am immortal she also survived. She got Superman to help. They were in the pipes and since they were who they were they could survive without air. They asked me to join them, they said that my enhanced abilities will allow me to survive. So I went back into the pipes under the bunker to help Wonder Woman and Superman…. ..

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  1. Hello True George,

    I think that it is interesting that you have some knowledge of comics and that you have seen that much of the new Flash show, I have not seen the new Flash TV show before, but he did make an appearance on one episode of Season 1 of Supergirl (I saw the first season, but only one episode of the second season).

    I did see a death battle on YouTube between The Flash and Quicksilver:

    That was an interesting dream that you had, I can not imagine surviving getting grinded (ground) up like that, what did that feel like?

    How were they able to do that to someone as powerful as Wonder Woman?

    Thank you for sharing your dream,
    -John Jr

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