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I came to the conclusion that this subjective event in this dream was a combination of recollections that I experienced when I was a teenager and a famous event that happened in the City. This was pieced together and mixed up and came out as the following:

I dreamed that I was in my late teens and I was walking on the street when someone tried to mug me with a knife. I saw that I was next to a building with a spiked fence; I saw that I was fighting the person who had the knife. I pushed him onto the spiked fence and that I had success  taking the knife away from him. After I took the knife away I stabbed him.  After the stabbing  occurred I ran away from the scene up the street. The street looked like the route that I used to take when I was in high school. I had ran about two blocks and I made a left turn and ran one more block when the police caught and arrested me. I was in the police station being booked when they asked why did I had stab the other boy. I told the booking officer that it had been in self-defense. Then a policewoman came by in my eyes she was beautiful with long black hair. She told the booking officer that she would take care of everything. She took me to a squad car, and she told me that she liked me, and asked me if I had ever been a woman. The age that I had appeared in the dream was at an age when I did not have any sexual experience at that point in my life; so the answer that was given was no. She said that she will take care of my problem concerning the arrest, and in exchange I would have to be her sex partner.

As she was driving me in the squad car my appearance changed and I appeared to be older. We came to a location where some drug dealers were hanging out. The policewoman and I got out of the car, one of the drug dealers asked who am I?  She told them that I am working with her and that everything that she will be doing will come through me. One of the drug dealer asked if she got “big brother’s” approval. She said no, but she would take care of that problem. It seemed that she was in a ring of corrupt cops, and that “big brother” was the ringleader and brains of the operation. The only contact with “big brother” was by phone, nobody knows what he looked like.

After I got out of the car, I pissed on the ground. The area was like a wooden platform, the kind that you see built on an outdoor swimming pool. When I pissed on the ground, the piss came out like water coming out of a pipe. The scene changed to me and the policewoman driving in the squad car, we came across a building where there was a situation. It seems that a police negotiating team was on the roof. The policewoman then identified one of the cops as being “big brother.” I saw myself take a suit up to “big brother” After he put the suit on, I saw that “big brother” appeared to look like someone that I had known in the past, but I can’t remember who……At this point I got up and used the bathroom and got something to drink and when I went back to bed this dream did not continue.

The analysis of this dream:

The reality part was the incident when I was in High School that two dudes tried to mug me. I was successful in fighting them off. No weapons were involved but the route I took when I fought off the muggers was the same route that was taken when I stabbed the mugger in the dream. In reality there was no arrest but I did learn from one of my classmates I was targeted to get robbed for some reason and he spoke to whoever wanted to rob on my behalf and it squash everything. But after that day I started to carry a knife with me to school every day until graduation.

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The part about the corrupt cops was probably from reading about Larry Davis who was the only man in NYC history who had a shootout with cops wounded six of them and escaped. He did it in self defensive when the cops came to kill him. He knew too much about Police corruption and he used to sell drugs for corrupt cops.  No one believed him when he told the press about the corrupted cops. But it all came to light when a lot of Police corruption was exposed and entire Police corruption rings brought down when Giuliani was the Mayor.

Everything else was a constructed. In reality True_George has never been arrested or been place and driven around in a Police squad car.

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