Shadow People

Let’s touch on the subject of “Shadow People.” These entities exist, I have seen them as described by countless of people. Based on people’s personal testimonial of their experiences, and my own experience it is recognized that contact with shadow people varies. My experiences have been humble as compared to others. So let’s talk about where the shadow people originate from and sightings and appearance

The origins of shadow people

Just where do Shadow people come from? Let’s look at two of the leading ideas. The first idea was explained by Harley SwiftDeer Reagan (www. Harley- SwiftDeer- The idea is ancient based on Native American experiences. He explained that the shadow people are parallel dimension beings whose existence was documented by indigenous people since 1153 BC. Regan went on to explain that the shadow people live in a parallel dimension and that they feed off of our discharge of emotional energy, and the discharge of energy produced by chaos. In essence shadow people are energy vampires.

The second idea is more complex. The idea is spiritual based. It is believed that shadow people are the most common forms of ghosts that have been witnessed and misunderstood. The term shadow is used to describe the being’s form of spiritual existence. It means the absence of light. In spiritual terms the absence of light denotes darkness which indicates ignorance (not knowing) or fear. While light denotes truth. In essence this idea maintains that the shadow people are disembodied human beings that for some reason have refused to move on and transition onto the next level of existence by not going into the light. They remain earthbound in a state of limbo.


The most common sightings of Shadow people have been reported to be seen through the peripheral vision. By the time the person turns their head, the shadow being quickly moves on or is gone especially when they realize that their presence have been detected. By most accounts, the description of the shadow being has been reported to be a black humanoid silhouette. The silhouette contains no visible mouth, nose eyes or ears. However, there are reports of the shadow being having glowing red eyes. Other reports have described the
Shadow being of having the size of an adult or child, male or female. Also there are reports of the shadow being appearing as a shapeless mass. While some other reports states that the shadow being may appear to have on a robe, or wearing a cloak or shroud. Overall the make-up of shadow people tends to be dense light-impenetrable, black static, mass of spirit. Light from a flashlight will not shine through the shadow person.


There have been increased sightings of shadow people. Harley SwiftDeer Reagan explained why from the parallel dimensional perspective. Reagan explained that there was an awaking between the decades of 1980 through 2000 and at the beginning of 2001 “The Quickening” began. The quickening is referred to as the speeding up of time and events. This phoneme/perception seemed to take place at the beginning of 2001. During the occurrence of the quickening, it raises the frequencies which results in the shadow being becoming more visible.

From the spiritual perspective since that perspective considers that
Shadow people are disembodied humans in a state of limbo then is recognized that they can no longer produce their own energy. Thus, they crave energy that is produced by the living and the only way to get it is to impose on the living with the purpose of draining some of the living’s energy discharge. This perspective also maintains that shadow people are energy vampires. People that sight the shadow beings is because the shadow person is attracted to the living person based on the type of energy that they are discharging.

Finally there are physiological and psychological conditions that is common with the sightings of Shadow people. These conditions include but are not limited to: sleep paralysis, illusions, or hallucinations. There are factors such as drug use, the side effects of medication, sleep deprivation and the mental condition of a person.

Additionally there have been reports that shadow people are attached to an object.As long as you have that object around you, the Shadow person attached to that object will be in your presence.


  1. Hello True George,

    Reports of shadow people are definitely common in the sleep paralysis experiences of many people it seems, and oddly I do not think that I have seen any shadow people during any of my sleep paralysis experiences but I could be wrong (I have had an auditory hallucination during my first sleep paralysis experience and I have had a few visual hallucinations during a few other sleep paralysis experiences, but oddly I have not had both auditory and visual hallucinations at the same time during sleep paralysis experiences as far as I know).

    I did read another blogger’s post recently where she saw several (maybe up to 10 I think) shadow figures moving around her bed (and a blackish colored humanoid creature hanging from a whitish colored string from the ceiling over her bed) during her latest sleep paralysis experience and false awakening dream and possibly a dream within a dream.

    Earlier this year I also saw a documentary about sleep paralysis called The Nightmare (2015), and several people in that documentary told their stories and several of them saw shadow people during many of their sleep paralysis experiences as well; and one of the men mentioned a shadow person with glowing red eyes, and his story was pretty creepy.

    Thank you for sharing this post,
    -John Jr


    • Thanks for reading. During meditation the body can be put to sleep while the mind is still awake and aware. I’ve done it a few times. Another thing that got me from worrying about sleep paralysis is realizing that sounds you hear could be external outside the room and that somethings we see is a matter of mentally fear of the unknown. Once I decided to stop thinking about it things stopped

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      • You are welcome True George.

        Thank you for sharing that, that is one strategy to help deal with this, and my strategy is somewhat similar.

        I rarely get sleep paralysis and I do not see shadow people so things are not so bad for me, and when I do have sleep paralysis I recognize what it is and I remind myself what it is and I try to keep myself calm (controlling my breathing, briefly closing my eyes if necessary, thinking things that give me courage, and then I face whatever I see if I see anything at all); and it is usually over in a few seconds, and so it is less intense than it used to be in the beginning. (It still is intense with heightened senses beyond normal and more intense fear than normal, and feeling a presence in the room even when you can not see or hear anything; but it is just less intense now that I am better prepared)

        Thank you for responding,
        -John Jr


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