Elusive Shadow

A funny thing happened the other day; well at least it wasn’t funny at the point in time when it happened. I should say it was a bit startling or perhaps an expectation that turned out to be much different than anticipated.

It started off with me relaxing in my in my recliner watching an episode of the Star Trek: Deep Space 9 on Netflix after a typical day of hustling at the gov’t office doing my usual activity as a gov’t bureaucrat. While I was watching Star Trek: Deep Space 9 I gradually feel into a slumber.

Maybe it was a slumber or perhaps being in between the sleep and awake stage. Either way I could still hear the Star Trek characters speaking as the Deep Space 9 program was playing on the T.V.

It was when I saw it;  a dense shadowy figure that walked swiftly past me; I was startled and jump out of the recliner hoping to catch another a glimpse of it. These shadowy figures usually disappear as fast as you see them.

When I was on one knee on the floor I could still see the shadow in the kitchen. I thought Maybe I could see it’s face when I felt my vision started to clear up. The shadowy figure suddenly started to gradually change form as my vision became clearer and clearer; when it was in the normal range I saw my son in the location where the shadowy figure was.

My son said that I should stop watching ghost and other horror programs because he thinks it is driving me crazy.  But The thing about it is that the shadowy figure did not have my son’s body type and I didn’t waste time giving him an explanation about shadow people, I’ll explain it to him at another time when he is more receptive to this concept.

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