Contracting Your Essence

This weekend I witnessed a not so pleasant scene between a mother and her son. The son and mother was looking for the son’s toddler’s (her grandchild’s) cup, when she came across her daughter’s, older grandchild and ex- boyfriend’s (her son’s father) social security cards. She retrieved them and put them in her pocket book. A relatively harmless gesture; so it seemed. When the son found out that she retrieved the social security cards, he was furious. His eyes got bigger (wide eyes), his body tensed up, his neck vain looked like it was coming out its skin, and his whole body covered in sweat as if he was possessed; he shouted at his mother. He called her all kinds of vile names. He got into her personal space stuck his hand in her face and said, “what ya gonna do? I should smack the shit outta you.” In the meantime the toddler was running around crying and screaming as his father shouted at the top of lungs and making physically threaten gestures at his grandmother. I believe the son would have done a Mike Tyson on his mother. But don’t feel for the mother because she was not entirely helpless. She was two steps away from the kitchen knife, and had an opportunity to act if she believed the “Fists of Fury” would rain down. Perhaps, if I wasn’t present as their guest on that day, they would have been on the six o’clock evening news.

Generational Curse

All right, I can hear you thinking; “well, True_George, what does this have to do with the para-normal?” The revelation came during a discussion with the mother shortly after the incident occurred. She mentioned something about “generational curse.” It got me pondering the concepts of deal making with spiritual forces, and the consequences of it spanning for generations. Can you image that future generation in their present moment having no idea that they are bounded by the misdeeds of their forefathers.

Compromising Free Will

The concepts of a generational curse or family curse comes in the form of compromising your free will and give some form of spirit or entity the legal rights to intrude upon you. The most common spiritual force that deals are made with are demons, however deals can and have been made with ghosts, angels and gods (so called). In essence a pact or deal would be agreed upon. The pact or deal is a formal agreement made between you the human being and a spiritual force or some type of supernatural entity such as the examples that were mentioned. There are no restrictions on who can make a deal; children have the ability to make formal agreements with a spiritual force also. People have many reasons for making a deal with a spiritual force, and those reasons have many variations. Whatever the reason; it may allow the person to gain or achieve something that is not possible by natural means within the scope of the person’s reality. The pact /deal may permit the person to save someone, or to realize some sort of selfish reason. To complete a deal, something significant must be exchanged. The two most common options are a human life or a human soul. The spirit would render the service, and receive the compensation for service rendered.

Signing A Contract

Usually a contact with the spiritual forces involves doing some sort of ritual to summon the spirit. If you believe in some type of god, then you may have to renounce your devotion to that god and announce your devotion to the demonic or whichever spirit you are attempting to summon. Dr. RexTouth the author of “How to Negotiate Unholy Contracts” a renowned expert on satanic rituals has made claims that you can negotiate a deal if you observe these recommendations. 1) Set the deal up probably: Dr. Touth asserts that there is a right way and a wrong way to set up a deal. The right way is to do it when you are alone in your room. Close your eyes and say words that will summon the spirit. You let it be known that you have something to exchange (soul, sacrifice) for the favor. You may have to do this numerous times before the spirit responds, but it will eventually responses, just don’t sound needy or desperate about making the type of deal you want to make. 2) Deal from the position of power: Dr. Touth states that the biggest mistake that people make is to underestimate how bad a spirit wants to take procession of your soul. As much as gold or diamonds is worth to the human a soul is worth more to the entity. When the spirit appears, let him make the first offer, then you up it. 3) Get the absolute best: So you are really desperate, and what to be better off. Remember you will be dammed no matter how good you may think the outcome of the deal will be in your carnal life. Make sure that it is the absolute best deal that will suit your purpose. 4) Remember to demand the life extension clause: The demonic won’t tell you, but you can get an extension on a youthful life for about 300 years.

Why Would You Sell

Isn’t it ironic that even the spiritual forces that wreak havoc on the physical and spiritual planes do not respond to the needy, or desperate; In addition, if a soul is priceless to them then it should be more then priceless to you; why would anyone be willing to bargain with their essence? For money, fame or sex, it is is beyond me. For anyone who is engaged in this I would say good luck, but in my book anyone who is willing to compromise their freewill and sell their soul for stuff that they were not meant to get has got issues. Consider this my disclaimer and heed my recommendation to stay away from making deals with any spiritual entity. While souls are a common currency in transactions, services and favors may also be trade. While the terms of a deal may appear explicit, the ulterior motives of the spiritual force, or the human and manipulation by both can complicate deals and create new unforeseen traps. Most deals do not end well for the human involved. In everyday life it’s hard enough dealing with humans who are conniving and deceitful then to deal with non-physically entities who are known to be conniving, liars and deceitful.

Are We Really Cursed

As far as curses are concerned, unless the curse is something that is self-imposed or is bestowed onto you by someone else, then there is no such thing. Yes, I know, True_George, what do you mean? I mean unless someone a human being is actively seeking to do any action that will cause you or your loved ones’ misfortune; whether that action is tangible fundamental physical acts or intangible such as sending bad energies, preying over it, asking dark spiritual forces intervention, etc,  then it is self-imposed. There are remedies to resolve either case. Otherwise nobody is cursed. In the case of the mother and son in the incident that I mentioned, it would be a matter of determining if they are self-imposing misfortune on each other, then they would have to make fundamental changes in their life, bridge their interpersonal communication with each other, come to terms with the past and forgive. In essence they have a lot of work to do.


    • I would see that physical experience like a traumatic event could be epigenetic inherited, in fact that concept is the basis of the Monarch program perpetrated by the Illuminati but being curse is a matter of belief. The person doing the cursing would tell the person they cursed then after that if it is what the person who is cursed believes then it is given merit; if the same belief system is programmed in the offspring and they are told the family is cursed then they believe it then the cycle continues. Giving a demon or other entity legal rights to your soul may not extend to your children’s soul as far as I know…..


  1. Does this really work and what do I say to summon him and does he just comes to you or do you just hear a voice could someone help me


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