This week in the Psych ward there can be conflicts with groups being run at the same time. The Psych Ward’s interns are left to fend for themselves. The staff is supposed to give a help in hand but they do not help. This leaves the intern working alone to establish something with the patients. After a while and with some effort  intern has established something with the patients and get some type of cooperation; however others that is part of the staff want to interrupt the intern while he is doing his thing with the patients.

During the morning the intern called a group and while the intern was conducting the group someone from the bridge program interrupted him. Now the bridge program is private organization mentoring program for the Psych Ward patients.  The bridge program is run by former Psych Ward patients. So now this woman from the bridge program interrupted the intern and asked what are you doing?  Don’t you know that you are using the time allocated to us from the bridge program for us to do activities with the patients?  The intern shrugged his shoulders as to say now what! The bridge program woman stated now that you’ve started I’m going to allow you to continue to finish up. After she walked away one of the patients stated I don’t know why she came over to say that you are taking her time when all the time the only thing that she does is run her motherfucking mouth gossiping with the with the therapy aide staff.

So now on another occasion while the intern is running a small group; one of the patients was in the group started to open up and disclose some things he done in the past. But, the activity was interrupted by a staff member who told the intern that one of the Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) who regularly conducts groups is in the unit giving a session and she recommend that the small group should join the rest of the patients in that group.

The intern did not appreciate either one of the interruptions, the intern felt if he is  there to do an activity and in the mists of preforming what needs to done then it should be respected. The intern went to the clinical Director and told her about the incidents. The Director  stated that she was unaware of the bridge program allocated time slot on Tuesdays. The second incident can be excused because the staff member may not have been aware what the intern was doing with the group. But the Director should resolve this matter of the not allowing the intern to work in peace.


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