spine 2


I saw someone who was a patient in a hospital bed. The patient was in hospital because he had back problems. The doctor came in to examine the patient and when the doctor looked at the patient’s back he saw that the patient’s spine was out of aliment. The scene shifted and now I was looking directly at the patient’s spine. I saw the actual misaligned spine. I heard the Doctor say to the patient, “You need to see a chiropractor to realign your back.” When the doctor left the patient rose out of the bed and went to the bedpost and twisted his body to stretch his back muscles; and when he did that the spine realigned itself. However, it was not a total realignment, but it was enough for the patient to walk out the hospital room.

The patient walked into the hospital garden, where their children playing. Some of the children were laying on a deck chair enjoying the sun; while other children were running around and playing the way children should play.

There was a room where another patient who we can call #2 was staying; #2 was laying on his stomach. There was a hole in the side of #2’s back.  # 2 had his hand in the hole and was gently moving his spine up and down his back. The spine was loose because as human beings the spine is flexible, like a spring. it allows us to stretch and when we are not stretching or in a position where we are not using it to capacity it tends to be loose. #2 was using the spine’s leeway and was putting it in the position that best suited his purpose. I do not know what that purpose was. It is just the feeling that I got. After a while I saw that I was the patient in the room instead of #2.

When I saw myself in place of #2 I felt an indescribable sensation as this event was taking place. Then the point of view shifted again. I was looking at #2 again. He was still moving his spine up and down but at one point #2 made a mistake and allowed some of the spine to go too far down. This resulted in me feeling a tingling sensation in the left foot. It seems that #2 and I were feeling the same sort of sensation. I know this because I could perceive the thoughts of #2; and he thought that someone was playing with that foot. A woman appeared and was standing at the foot of the bed. #2 he called out to her and told her to stop playing with his feet. The woman answered and said that she was not touching his feet, then she and asked him what was he doing?  #2 said that he was not doing anything, he did not admit to anything. Yet he realized that too much of his spine was in the wrong place, so he moved it before any damage could be done.

The woman was not a nurse; I could not identify who she was….

There was another scene to this dream, but I can vaguely remember those events. I do remember something about a truck I was given to drive; and that I was to be in a certain area in the morning. I know that the truck broke down and that some repairs were being made on the truck…..

otherwise it is the nature of a dream to lose the memory; how is it that some parts of a dream is remembered with clarity while the other parts of that same dream is vaguely recalled and there are huge gaps that it does not make any sense.

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