This week at the psych ward was not unique, it was business as usual however, Pedro a patient that usually initiates some type of activity among his peers is no longer in the unit. Pedro was the type of patient that will develop a quick rapport with newly assigned staff. Yet, for the past couple of weeks he was supposed to be discharged. The problem was that Pedro wouldn’t agree with any of the discharged conditions.

First Pedro was told to make an appointment with a Doctor which he refused to do. Then Pedro was told that he had to apply for social security benefits; he refused to do it. Pedro was also told that as a condition of discharged he must have some type of housing arrangement. Pedro made no move to secure any type of housing. Whatever attempts that the Psych Ward administration did to help Pedro find housing Pedro disagreed with the type of housing that was found. Now Pedro is complaining that he feels that he has been in the inpatient unit too long (2 years) and that people who had worse mental health symptoms then his came and left.

It’s too bad for Pedro that he does not recognize that he is still in the inpatient because of his mental condition. Pedro does not want to do anything that will allow the Psych Ward to discharge him. Pedro also does not recognize that those who have what he perceives to be a worse mental health symptom has been discharged because they have fulfilled the requirements that is necessary for the Psych Ward to discharge them. Staff will not discuss another patient’s situation with him so he has no way of knowing why those who he perceived to have a worse mental health condition is discharged.

Now despite that Pedro does not want to agree to apply for social security, public assistance, or secure housing; he had found a way to get out of the Psych Ward. It may not have been through official channels, and I’m sure that nobody will recommend what Pedro did to leave the Psych Ward to other Psych Ward patients. You see Pedro took advantage of the system and took a loop hole out.

What happened was that Pedro had a court date concerning the charges that landed him in the Psych Ward. The courts were checking to see if he is still not mentally fit to answer to the criminal charges before dismissing the case. Pedro’s Public Defender made the case and lucky for Pedro the charges were dismissed. After Pedro left the court room and while he was waiting in the court house hallways for the Psych Ward staff member to come and escort him back to the Psych Ward. Pedro decided to blend in with a group of people heading to the elevator. Pedro huddled with the crowd and made it down to the lobby and he went out the court house doors. Now Pedro is no longer an inpatient at the Psych Ward. Instead Pedro is now a Psychiatric fugitive.

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