On the Train


This dream shifted from one scene to another, yet the event that was playing out was continued where it left off; a story line in raw form….

I saw myself in my late teens, early twenties. Some friends and I were at a party where our friend “C” was the DJ with his sound system “Fun Factory” we were at the dance doing things as usually. Then one of my friends P was looking for a gun, he just wanted to carry a gun for some reason. Then C gave him a six shot revolver; P inspected the gun and then he accepted it. After the party was over we went to the subway to take the train back home. I did not see what number train it was, but when we got on the train armed men in uniforms were on the train.  They could have been police officers or contracted private security. The uniforms did not make a distinction.  The armed personal were transporting some cash for the Transit Authority. One of the armed men in uniform came over to where the passengers were; he took out a shiny silver plated automatic gun and started to brag. He was pointing the gun at some people, including my friends. When he came to me and pointed the gun I said “take the gun out of my face.”  I told him that just because everyone else tolerated his behavior, I will not.  He said “what do you know about guns?” I told him that I am in the military and that I know a great deal about guns, and that I had used better weapons then he has. Then, he asked me to inspect the gun that he was waving around. I inspected the gun….

The scene then shifted to the beach. It looked like the Beach at the Federal recreational center in Queens. I saw that I was on the beach; I was told that the water was rough and to watch out for the undertow, it had swept some people out to sea. I said that I was not worried about the undertow. I went out swimming; I knew that the only way to beat an undertow was to swim parallel the shore, which I had done. I went so far out that, I was at the point where the bayou was; then I saw a boat so I swam to the boat; it was the lifeguard he said he was looking for someone who was swept away.  I climbed into the boat, I do not remember if we ever found the person who was swiped away.

The scene changed back to the train, this time I had the revolver in my hands I was inspecting it. I passed it to my friend P. He said that he really doesn’t have any use for the revolver, so he threw it away and the revolver went between the subway cars. I said “you should have given it to me; you can’t just throw it away.”

Then the scene shifted to an ocean, it seemed that the train ended up in the middle of this ocean. It was as though I had fallen asleep on the train and when I woke up the train was in the middle of the ocean. But what happened was another scene where I was dealing with this woman; it seemed that she was trying to find her way in life. She decided to take off and start a new life in France.

Everyone on the train did not drown, a passenger found the revolver and shot everyone who survived the event of the train crashing into the ocean. I was the only one left. He spotted me and he started to shoot at me. I jumped up and struggled with him and eventually I took the gun from him and I tossed it away. This enraged him; I don’t know why he wanted everyone dead. I could see the shore line from where we were, the ocean current was pulling us toward the shore, but this man was chasing me so I was making moves to dodge him; at the same time I made sure that I was moving parallel to the shore, so that no under current could take us out to sea. He finally said I got you, but I laughed because by that time we were in the shallow part of the ocean. This enraged him even more. He spotted a beach spider; he tossed it at me hoping the bite would kill me. But the spider was the male of the species so it was not poisonous. Then he spotted the female spider of the species. He picked it up and he threw it at me, but it fell short; so I kicked the spider towards him and when the spider landed on him it bite him. After the spider bit him he swatted it away and the spider landed into a house where a family lived. The spider bit the wife, and two children. They died and the family was in mourning. I was not blamed for the death, because it was recognized that I was defending myself.

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  2. Hello True George,

    It seems that your mind was a bit active too.

    Having insects in dreams that I can kill you like that is a bit scary, I am glad that is not something that I have to worry about in my dreams.

    Thank you for sharing your dream,
    -John Jr

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