I went over to the old man’s house for an Easter meal.  There was a little gathering of around 9 people, most of them left to go back home shortly after I arrived. Since I was the last one that showed up, I decided to stay for a few more hours.

Since it was quiet, and I was the only guest left; me and the old couple were watching T.V. I must have dozed off, because that next thing that I can remember is that I saw the figures of three people in the house. Two females and a male.

As I was sitting on the couch, I saw some type of interaction between the old man and one of the women. They were flirting with each other right under the nose of the old woman. I don’t think it bothered the old woman because it looked like she was still dozed off on the couch.

I wondered if the old man invited those people in. I saw the male figure walking around, and the two female figures were occupied with the old man. Then I saw that one of them allowed the old man to play with her genitals.

Then the old man got up and was standing face to face with the woman that allowed him to play with her genitals. I thought that he was going to take her into the room to have sexual relations. Instead, it looked like the old man was in some type of trance. He fell forward, and the woman picked him up over her shoulder and started to carry him towards the entrance door of the house.

This is when I got up off the couch; I stepped in front of the woman to stop her from carrying the old man out of the house. The woman had a surprised look on her face. It seemed that they did not expect that I should be aware of their presence. Then the other woman stepped in front of me. She had  long white hair, pale white skin and was wearing blue clothing. They looked like Nordic aliens.  when she breathed, I could see the carbon dioxide come out her mouth and nose; like one would see the carbon dioxide on a very cold day. She also expressed genuine surprise that I could see them, and that I am able to interact with them.  

When I saw the beings breathed out carbon dioxide, it was my que that the figures are extra physical. As to why or what they want is unknown. But since they had the old man, my thoughts were they’ve come to get the old man because his time in the physical had expired. Could they be a grim reaper, or was it something else?  Since they looked like Nordics extraterrestrials, maybe they were looking for a test subject. I decided to prevent them from taking the old man away.

While the other woman was carrying the old man out of the house; the second woman was squaring up with me. As I moved forward, she moved backwards. This went on until were out in the street.   

Once in the street, this woman stepped to the left, then I saw the male figure floating, coming towards my direction, approaching at a fast pace.

I thought he was the one who was going to do some type of an attack. But he stopped before invading my personal space. 

 I looked over and saw the old man was being loaded in sort of craft. Then I used a little energy and inhaled; when I did that, the man and the other woman were being sucked into me.

I now understand that I was more powerful than the intruding beings, I also found that I could toss them around at will.

But in this instance, when I inhailed the wind was rushing towards me and so was the male being. When they reached my body, before slamming into me they disappeared or became invisible. 

When they slammed into me, it jolted me out of the sleep state….

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  1. Hello True George,

    Thank you for sharing your dream, that was a creative attack that I would not have thought of, who would have thought that you could inhale with that kind of force in a dream; impressive.

    They did not see that coming.

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