Pins & Needles

The setting of this dream experience was at the weekend gig, where I dispense medication to mentally ill people. There was a situation where the client’s medication draws were moved around during the week on my off days. So now I’m on the job and I was having a hard time locating individual client’s medication. Clients were lining up outside the med room waiting for their turn to get their meds. I was taking a while because I couldn’t locate where some of the client’s med draws were. Some of them started to get impatient; after all mentally ill people are not patient people.

I saw a young client. He was sitting on the lower door. I told him he could  not stay sitting on the door, to get off it, He did not want to cooperate; he answered that he just want to stretch his toes. But I made him get down, the boy was mad, and we had a shouting match. Eventually I told him if he doesn’t move on and walk away I’ll have him taken to the psych ward.

I resumed giving out the meds. Then I saw that same boy and an identified person were sitting on the floor at the door where I give out the meds. While I was giving out the meds, I felt as if pins and needles were being inserted into my feet.

Then someone came to the Med room to get their meds; but I could not find her med draw. I kept looking. I asked my co-workers if they can help me. But my shift partner was not helping. She only wanted to look at the client’s record books. So I called in the supervisor and management to help me locate the client’s medication.

In the meantime, I started pulling the needles and pins out of my feet. There was a burning sensation. There were multiple pins and needles that were inserted at multiple locations on my feet.

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  1. My paranoid schizophrenic brother very often won’t take his meds – what do you do in cases like that? Here they won’t intervene and leave it completely to the mentally ill person – I always think that’s a stupid idea!


    • Its the same here, if they don’t want to take meds we can’t force them to take it.
      The resident program is voluntary. They have to agree for the house to manage their meds; they come to the office and we give them their dosage. If they don’t show up we go to their room and prompt them to go take their meds. But if they refuse, we can’t do anything about it.
      Eventually they will end up back in the psych ward or they commit suicide.
      Even in the psych ward, if they refuse meds; the psych ward have to get a treatment over objection court order before they force them to take their meds.
      Its ironic that some mentally ill people do not have the capacity to make sound decisions, yet the law allows them to make decisions as though they are mentally competent.
      If the mentally ill person commits a crime, hurts or kill someone they are deemed not responsible for their actions. Yet, they have 100% decision making over their treatment and other personal actions.
      Isn’t that crazy….


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