Cat Invasion

I watched a podcast called Monte and The Pharaoh; these guys cover the inside world of professional Wrestling. For this particular caste their guest was Mr. “USA” Tony Atlas. He was on the caste to explain his break as a co- commentator with another popular pro Wrestling podcaste called “Inside Boston Wrestling.”

The Inside Boston Wrestling commentator Dan, said that Atlas stopped showing up to do his commentary, and that he said things about him on his Facebook page.

The fans including me were kind of confused; because it looked like Atlas and Dan made a good team. It also appeared that Atlas was enjoying the work. It gave him an opportunity to give his opinions on subjects that weren’t related to Wrestling. In essence, he had a good thing going. Besides, it isn’t like Tony Atlas to say disparaging things about people, especially on Facebook.

Naturally, we wanted an explanation to understand what took place behind the scenes for Atlas to suddenly stopped showing up, and bad talking Dan. So Atlas appeared on Monte and The Pharaoh and gave his side of the story. What Atlas said left doubts that Dan might have not been saying everything what happened. Plus, given the absent of disparaging remarks about Dan on his Facebook, and Twitter accounts, makes Dan’s allegations look questionable.

 Well, True_George has recognized the triangle; Dan’s story; Atlas’s story, and the truth. Only, Dan and Atlas know the truth.

Anyway, after the interview with Atlas, I decided to lay down a bit before I start to edit a story for a project that I’m working on.

But my cat keeps on meowing, he probably wants to be fed again. But I’m not feeding him yet, because the cat was fed not too long ago. I don’t want a fat cat on my hands. I closed the room door so that the cat won’t come in to disturb me.

The cat kept on meowing; then I thought I heard the cat push the room door open and was in the room. I kind of scanned around the room; to see if the cat did indeed enter. then I saw a cat hiding. I got up and shooed it out the room.

Funny thing about the cat I was shooing from my room. It was smaller then my cat, and it was white. Whereas my cat has a black and white coat.

After I shooed that cat outside the room, I saw three more cats; and I gathered them up together and shooed them out the room.

Then I opened the room door, and saw the adjacent room’s set up looked different. Then I called out to what I perceived was my Brother. I told him to open the front door and put the cats outside.

The figure I perceived as my Brother opened the door and put the cats that I shooed out from my bedroom outside.

But I wasn’t finished yet; there were more cats in the room, and I had to chase some of them and catch them before I could shoo them from my room.

I had to be careful, I got a feeling that my cat sneaked into my room. I didn’t want to accidentally shoo him out of the room so that the figure I perceived as my Brother could put him outside.

 Then I saw a cat that looked like mine. I put that cat on the bed so that I don’t mistakenly shoo him out the room. Because the cats that I shooed out the room will be put outside, once it is in the adjacent room.

Then I noticed, the cat that I thought looked like mine, was not mine, so I put that cat outside the room.

Then I saw my cat, this time I made sure that it was indeed my cat. I put my cat on the bed and gave him something to eat so that he would not go running off.

Then I concentrated on getting all the other cats out of my room; and made sure that the figure that I perceived as my Brother put them outside. 

©2021 All Rights Reserved


  1. Love the cat photo at the start! 🙂

    My cat used to come into my room at 0500 hours to be let out. I’m a lazy so-and-so and would probably mostly have only just been in bed an hour by then so I used to ignore her and pretend I was asleep. I’d watch her through my nearly closed eyes. She knew damn-well I was awake as she used to move towards the bed, stare at my eyelids in a nasty way, and then sharpen her claws on the carpet. I used to get up pronto and let her out of my room but not out of the house. I’d then leap back into bed after making sure she couldn’t get back in.

    That meant she had to go to the toilet by jumping into the bath and squatting over the plughole. One night she got a shock! My Mum had left some sheets soaking in the bath and the poor thing got a right dunking! We just heard a huge splash and then her feet thundering down the stairs… she wasn’t half mad with us!


    • When I was younger in High School, I used to have a cat that I let sleep on my bed at night.
      But now that I’m an adult I don’t allow my cat to go into my room.
      Its not a good idea to allow pets access to the bedroom especially when you are resting.
      Pets tend to disturb you when you’re sleeping. If you want relations with your significant other it is uncomfortable if your pet is in the same room.
      My rule for the bedroom is, no electronics, no alarm clock, no pets…..


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