This dream had an element of realty and along with construction of events that could only take place within the dream world.        

It started out when I saw that I was in my bedroom with NR a female friend of mine. She was going through a divorce from her Husband. She was staying with me because she needed a shoulder to cry on. Since she was in my bed and I knew that she liked me and was upset with her Husband, I convinced her to have sex with me.  

While NR and I were having sex, I heard my room door open, it was my son’s Mother FT. I stopped the sexual activity with NR and told her to stay on the bed. I went to the entrance of my bedroom to speak with FT demanding to know what she is doing in my apartment.

I said to FT, “what the fuck are you doing here; you better accept that we don’t have anything going on anymore.” FT said that she is here to visit our son. I said, “you should have called and said something; so since you’re here to see him, you may stay. But do not disturb us.”

I went back in my bedroom and closed and locked the door. Then me and NR resumed doing out sexual activity.

After we finished having sex, I got up and opened my room door; I found that it did not lead to the adjacent room. I found that it lead into another environment. It looked like an office. Only this office was the headquarter office of the famed British Police investigation force called “Scotland Yard.”

I figured that someone messed with the time and space continuum and brought me and NR to this location. I knew it had to be FT; her jealousy knows no bounds when it is rearing its ugly head again. Now, this time, she is being vengeful, because she has been rejected.

NR got nervous and pulled out her gun. I told NR to be careful, that the people in this office are Cops and they have us out gunned, plus we are in the open.  I told her not to worry, that I have a way out.

I made a mental call for transportation; then I heard the noise; the dame noise that Dr. Who’s Tardis makes as it was appearing in my location. When the Tardis dematerialized, I breathed a sigh of relief. I said to NR “let’s get out of here.”

But when I went to the Tardis door, it was chained, and pad locked shut.  FT knew that I would be calling on the Tardis to get us out from being in a time and place that I didn’t belong. Now we have no way of leaving  and we are facing angry cops, with more back up cops appearing every minute.    

Then someone I know, he was unidentified, I just had the feeling that I knew the person. He found out that me and NR were missing. He was probably a Time Lord or someone who had some association with the space time continuum. He was in my apartment and noticed the time and space distortion.

I saw that he opened a door that was located across the other side of the Scotland Yard office. The door led to my living room. He shouted to me and NR and said, “if you make it across to this side, you will be back in your apartment and the time space distortion will correct itself.”

Because of the time space continuum  frequency, the Cops couldn’t see or hear my friend talk, so they couldn’t do any moves to block the path that led over to the other side of the office. 

I took NR by the hand, and we ran towards the other side of the office. Straight to the door that led to my living room.  I figured that once I’m back in my own space and time continuum I could re-call the Tardis and cut off the chain.

Me and NR dodged the Cops and made it to the other side of the office. We went through the door and entered my living room. After that, the space time continuum returned to normal.  

I was angry when I returned; I demanded to know where FT was. She was the one who orchestrated all of this. But she was nowhere to be found. Surely she must have known that I would have found a way to get back to my normal space time continuum.  

I went looking for FT, but it was like she disappeared, it was good that she did get out of my sight because I was going to make her suffer for what she had done.

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