I honestly don’t know where the subconscious get the inspiration to construct the images that we see in a dream. I guess all that can be done is an analysis to see the parallels in life and determine if there is a co-relation.

In this dream, I saw that I was in a classroom it was a math class, homework was being assigned I heard the thoughts “it has been a while since I had any homework.” There was a math formula on the right side of the board the formula changed and then on the left side of the board another formula appeared. Then the formula changed form and then it disappeared. when the formula was on the board at first, I could see it clear, but I took a closer look to see exactly what type of formula it was, then the formula became blurry.

Then the scene changed and I saw the block that I live on and at the end of the block there was a restaurant; it was at least three stores long. It was on the corner of the block. It looked a bit like the Italian sausage stand that I have seen street fairs on several occasions. I went into the restaurant, but some reason I could not buy any beer. A friend and I went behind some chairs, then it seems that we had paid off the waiter to pass us some beer. I was in my apartment building, I saw a co-worker of mine. I know that her legs were sullen but I cannot recall the rest of the event.

I could only remember that I was walking with a cop; it was somebody that I knew. He wanted to go to somebody’s house and beat him up because that person had made trouble with one of his informers. When we got to the house the person who he was looking for turned out to be someone that I know. I saw the person’s name on a tag, the name was clear then after a few seconds it became a blur. I told the cop that this person is in our Unit; and asked him not to do anything to him. The cop had so much pent up rage that he could not take out on the person he came to beat up he started to cry out of frustration. I was consoling him, and I told the person not to go and mess around with the informer anymore, because the cop is a member of the unit. Even though you don’t like her, just think about you fellow solider. I did not hear what the person  said; by this time I was awake……

Sometimes we see numbers or names in dreams it could be a message or  if you don’t see what that are the first time around and make out what they are then the words or numbers would disappear.

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  1. Hello True George,

    Nice, you are more educated than I am, and it sounds like you were also educated better. 👍

    In public school (I graduated) and college (which I did not finish) I never had the more advanced Math classes and Math was my weakest subject, I probably never had physics, and I only had low-level chemistry in high school.

    -John Jr

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    • It’s ironic that math was my weakest subject when I was in grade school, I barely graduated because of it the Guidance Counselor said I had a 4th grade math level. But when I took the college entrance exam I passed with flying colors. I realized that NYC public schools approach to teaching math is substandard and rigid and that my math level was more superior then what I was told.

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