Brooklyn Bridge Drama


In this particular dream I found out the concept of controlling the images that your subconscious construct is valid. It can be done easily if you practice it. However, in this dream this was the first time I made an attempt. This particular dream was a lucid one because I had the awareness of the event being a dream, even though if felt like a real experience. The sounds, the emotions and viewing the events in color all even the fusing of memories from different settings piecing together and making some sort of sense as far as this dream event is concerned.

I saw the Brooklyn Bridge and I saw that I was jogging on the foot crossing, like I used to do back when I was in a military program. Then I saw that an attempt was being made to climb up one of the supporting wires onto the supporting beam. For some reason I climbed onto the supporting beam, then I saw myself dangling on one of the supporting wire, except for the wire was not connected to the bridge; it was just hanging and leading straight down into the river. I saw myself moving down the wire into the river. There were two points of view; first I saw this from an Arial point of view. I was viewing the scene from the air, like I was in a helicopter. Then the view shifted down to me actual looking down at the river as though I was on the wire. I saw that the end of the wire was leading down into the river; and I was sliding down the wire. This made me nervous because the wire’s end was in the river and I was heading straight down the wire from a great height. Then I saw the river at sea level. The river was calm; and then the river was rough as if it was being brewed by a storm. The river’s current started to look like the picture one would see when the river overflows its bank and floods the surrounding land. I said to myself, I don’t like this scene; at that instant I remembered that a concept of NLP that assert that  we make our own picture.  I did not want to see the storming raging river, so I decided to change the picture. At first I was having a picture within a picture. I wanted to see the river calm, especially because I was sliding down the wire towards the river. However the picture of the raging river was still dominating. I was having a hard time calming the river. Then I decided not to focus on the river, but to see myself moving up the wire away from the river. The scene shifted to the dangling wire, and instead of seeing my self-move down the wire, I began to see myself move up the wire, I moved up the wire, until I saw the bridge that the wire was connected to. Then I swung onto the bridge; at this point I saw that I was touching down on the bank of the river, only the river looked like a stream, and I was touching down on the stones that the stream was running over.

Then the scene shifted to someone trapped on the Brooklyn Bridge. The police and fire department rescue units were on the scene. The rescuers were in a bad position; it seemed that the person on the bridge was on a sensitive part of the bridge. It would have been dangerous if anybody were to rescue the person who was trapped on the bridge. However the police found that they could send somebody up to at least be with the trapped person. I saw that underneath the white supporting arm there were a link of chains leading up to the trapped person. The rescue personal had a safety clip, which he connected onto the chain every time he moved up the chain. There was the main support rope, which was used to maintain the main line. As I saw a close up of the rescue personal I realized it was me. When I reached to where the trapped person was, I saw that it was a boy. I could not let him come down on the chain with me because the chain was not strong enough to support the weight of both of us. I saw that he was tied to the position where he was. He said somebody put him there. The boy looked familiar, and then I remembered where I had seen him before. The scene shifted to where I met the boy. It seemed that he was staying in a shelter with his father. The father’s appearance looked like he was a Muslim. I was a security guard at the shelter. The shelter the notorious Auburn family shelter nestled in the Fort Greene projects. The father had a big knife, and he was always trying to hide it from the security staff. We knew that he had it, and at times we searched him just to make sure he was not carrying it. The scene shifted again, this time it was after he had put the boy onto the bridge. We (security staff) were angry that he had done what he did to the boy. We went into the room looking for him. We searched him to make sure he did not have the knife on him. The knife was hidden in his bed. For some reason the bed was not searched. Then he came out with the knife looking for a fight. The security guards were not allowed to have weapons. So when he came out with the knife looking for a fight, I was unarmed. I grabbed a draw, and was using it to defend myself from the attack. Then I grabbed a garbage can cover. As I was defending myself from the attack, another guard came and tackled him onto the floor, a third guard entered the scene, the man was being held down, but he was still fighting. We took the arm that he had the knife in and guided the hand to the point that he was stabbed in the chest. After he was stabbed in the chest, he died. We felt that it was what he deserved because of what he had done to the boy. Then the scene went back to the bridge. The boy could not be rescued, but it seemed that the boy was attached to the bridge and that he could climb over the barrier to safety. The safety barrier was a platform.  The boy did not plunge into the river, but he had the power of decision to climb over the barrier to danger or to stay on the safe side.

After I woke up I made an observation, the rescuer could have taken the boy off the bridge if the boy stayed on the safe side of the barrier. As to why this was not noticed in the dream by the rescue experts, I don’t know.

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  1. I am not certain where you’re getting your information, but good topic. I needs to spend a while studying much more or working out more. Thanks for wonderful info I used to be in search of this info for my mission.


  2. I am now not positive where you’re getting your info, but good topic. I must spend some time learning more or working out more. Thank you for wonderful info I was looking for this info for my mission.


  3. That is a very wild and interesting dream. Especially how the scene and perspective kept shifting. It’s weird how you had to control the you on the wire from afar, opposed to just being able to climb up the wire. What do you make of this dream?

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    • Maybe some type of turmoil in life and I was ascending into it. It was kinda scary and the East River is murky with a strong current.
      This was very lucid I even had thoughts independent of the dream which is how I got the idea to see if I can control the dream itself….

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