Another person got locked up for a crime that he didn’t commit. It was for murder, not just any murder but the murder of a child. The child was a preteen-age girl who was found dead in the dude’s home. No suspects, no lead, so naturally the dude TC who is a married father with children of his own became the prime suspect. One may say that he was guilty of association but in the court of opinion he was tried and convicted. The court of opinion turned into criminal court and the opinion became the jury’s determination that TC is guilty despite the lack of evidence and  TC’s lack of knowledge of how the murder took place or who the girl was. TC was sent to a maximum security prison to linger there for the rest of his life and left to the mercy of the hard core inmates who hate child killers. Not to mention the booty warriors; the class of inmates who lives for the opportunity to get into a man’s butt.

Looks like fate had dealt a cruel hand but TC did not despair for the game was not over thanks to the Innocent Project. The new cards were dealt after they reviewed his case and found that the whole accusation was a he say, she says and the trial was just a kangaroo court. The Courts Of Appeals agreed and not only released him but vacated the conviction. Now he is a free man who is considered to have no record.

Now he is back home he was glad to see that his family had grown while he was in prison, even the cat had kittens, and his family were glad he was back home; but the community was not happy now that he is back. However, something was strange going in his home. At night time the family made the living room into a bedroom. They started sleeping downstairs  in the living room since the girl got killed in the house. However on the first night when TC got back home during the late hours around 3:00 am someone started to bang the front door. It was a family friend coming to tell the family that the murdered girl’s family is coming and that they are out for blood. Two of the dead girl’s uncle who was ahead of the rest of the dead girl’s family pushed the family’s friend aside and entered the house. TC saw a stick in the corner, he grab it and he used it to defend himself. He hit one of the Uncles in the head and that Uncle was laid out unconscious. The other Uncle put up a fight but he was soon knocked unconscious too.

redrun II

Then around 3:30 am the rest of the murdered girl’s family caught up and barged their way into the house, before they were going to take vigilante justice/ lynching the murdered girl’s mother demanded to know where is the gun that killed her daughter. The arguing was interrupted by the voice of two girls having a loud argument upstairs in one of the bedrooms. The murdered girl’s mother recognized her daughter’s voice. She couldn’t believe her ears, so everyone rushed upstairs; when they got upstairs some of the dead girl’s family and TC was dumb founded to witness what they saw. The light in house’s upper floor was bright; they saw the murdered girl having a loud argument with a friend of TC’s daughter. They argued until the murdered girl decided she had enough and started to leave. But the friend of TC’s daughter didn’t have enough, in fact she was livid and decided to pull a gun out of her bag and shot the girl in the head. Then the whole event started to repeat itself. The emotional energy of the girl’s death left an imprint causing a residue haunting.  TC’s wife said she didn’t know how to tell TC that the whole event of the girl’s murder has been playing out over and over since the girl’s funeral. It is the reason why she and the children sleep in the living room. Well at least everyone recognizes that the TC was telling the truth all along, he did not kill the girl or had anything to do with the crime. Also the friend of TC’s daughter was forgiven because for one child to kill another and kept quiet about it the killer child must be a disturb soul.




  1. Hello True George,

    I forgot to mention that it is good to see you sharing some dreams.

    I wonder how many of your other posts that I have read that were actually dreams without me realizing that they were dreams? 😀

    -John Jr

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  2. Hello True George,

    Interesting story, about what year did this allegedly happen, and did anyone get any photographic and/or video and/or audio et cetera evidence and can this alleged repeating event still be seen and heard today?

    -John Jr


    • Actually this was one of my dreams. some dreams that I get have some sort of events like a story line. Sometimes I’m a participant and sometimes I watch the events taking place. In color with feelings. Are they past life memories? or am I picking up energy that reveals the events? good questions. But if I can I will write a story of the dream’s event
      Do you ever get dreams like that?

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      • Oh! I was wondering, if it is not clearly said somewhere I often assume that something is not a dream, thank you for letting me know True George. 😀

        Yes, I do have dreams like that sometimes.

        Sometimes I am in the dreams, sometimes I am not, and sometimes it is a combination.

        Sometimes the events are story-lines like in film and/or memories and/or real events and/or visions et cetera.

        I think that my dreams are usually always in color, and the intensity of feelings vary.

        Sometimes it does almost seem like past lives or current and past lives in other dimensions, ancestral memories, and/or something interesting like that.

        -John Jr

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