Harlem Deer


The head line in propaganda publications of N.Y.C told a story about a white tailed deer being euthanized. In case you didn’t know the propaganda publications are what we call the N.Y. Daily News, the N.Y Post and the famous N.Y Times. Hell, I’m hearing that even in Washington D.C the Washington Post carried the story under the headline “Saga of a single antlered deer in Harlem” According to the propaganda publications a white tailed deer miraculously showed up at a neighborhood park. The locals named him JR after the park (Jackie Robinson Park). It was there for a couple of weeks then it made the mistake of jumping the park’s fence and wandering onto a New York City Housing Authority complex (NYCHA); the housing officials called out the goon squad, I mean the fine officers in the N.Y Police Department who was given the  task of capturing JR. Once the task was completed and JR turned over to an animal shelter the fearless leader of N.Y.C that we call the Mayor or one of his lackeys did not listen to animal advocates to relocate JR and instead ordered that JR be put to sleep. But wait, this gets better; the fearless leader of the state we call the Governor or one of his lackeys heard about what was taking place, and made an 11th hour call from the State Capital  to the animal control officials in NYC and reprieved JR’s fate. What the fuck is going on?

The City’s Mayor Bill De Blasio and State Governor Andrew Cuomo were at it again. You see they have history. Back when Cuomo was the Secretary of the Housing Urban Development (HUD) De Blasio was one of his top managers in the agency. From that time on a rivalry was developed. I wonder if the resentment towards each other was because Cuomo refused to sign off on De Blasio’s initiatives; or was it because De Blasio was insubordinate. Perhaps Cuomo slept with De Blasio’s wife, or De Blasio slept with Cuomo’s wife, or the foursome didn’t work out. Maybe they have the hots for each other and would damage themselves politically if they were to come out of the closet holding hands.

The whole fiasco was like Cuomo didn’t agree that the JR should be put down at the same time relocation was not an option because the state has a policy of not giving permits to relocate deer. Well, Cuomo, you’re the Governor, you make the policies and you can call an exception to policy. I wonder if he realized that.  But De Blasio had options too; he could have told the Police to take JR to Pelham Bay Park where there is a deer population or an area on Staten Island where there is also a deer population and release him. Instead it was decided to put JR down.

Now the City and State were having a political battle. The De Blasio administration citing that the Governor should stay out of NYC’s affairs; and the Governor saying he can stick his nose in City affairs and take it over if he chooses too. Finely it was concluded that the State Department of Environmental Conservation will take JR to deer country somewhere upstate and release him. Hopefully he can be hunted down and end up on some red neck’s dinner plate, instead of being a victim of city sponsored murder. Unfortunately animal control officials reported that JR died as a result of the stress of being held in captivity. What! Do they think people are that stupid? I can bet you everything I own that De Blasio was insubordinate and reminded the animal control officials that they are on city payroll and told the animal control officials to carry out his order and put JR down. Then he called his arch-rival Cuomo and said “fuck you this is my town.”


Featured in Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo


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