Bunch of Rattle Snakes

After a particular stressful day at the government office where I spend my time making a living as a supervising government bureaucrat, I decided to listen to some entrainment stress reliver music. This particular program was a brainwave meditation at delta frequency designed for deep sleep.

When I’m undergoing these types of self-meditation, time becomes a bit oblivious. But when all is done, I notice that my cycle was a consistent forty-five minutes. Whether a subjective experience happens, or not, when I get in state, unless I’m interrupted, or I take myself out of state, the meditation lasts forty-five minutes.

I’ve been working on increasing that time, but I guess time will tell to determine if my efforts to increase my natural meditation cycle is successful.

Anyway, while listening to the program; and falling asleep, I could hear that the body had relaxed before the mind. Then again, does the mind truly relax. The mind just transitions from the conscious to the unconscious; or it projects.

In this instance, I started to see images. It was of my bedroom, except for everything appeared in white. Gradually the view became normal. I could see that there was a bunch of rattle snakes on the floor.

Maybe I was going to kill them, or the fact that the snakes were rattle snakes, I did not want to be in the room.

I quickly shut the door, when I was shutting the door one of the snakes lunged towards me. The snake was aggressive. When I closed the door, the door changed into the type of door that one would see in a wood cabin. When the door was closed, I could hear the snake hitting the door on the other side. The snake kept on jumping and jumping hitting the other side of the door. The angry snake could not penetrate the door.  

I wasn’t keen on going back into the room to deal with the snakes, so I just left the snakes where they were.

Pondering this experience, I wonder what it means, dreaming of rattle snakes, and one jumping to attack you.

 I did a quick search, thought it would be 1,2,3; but as it turns out there are lots of reasons out there. But the most common theme that I found talks about have a toxic person in your life. That you should be carful and pay attention because that toxic person is about to introduce some type of negativity in your life.

Hell, having a toxic person in your life is a negative experience. But, what does that mean about my life. I thought I shelved the toxic or untrustworthy people that used to be around me. At least the ones that I’m able to shelve.

The only toxic and untrustworthy people that I really can’t do nothing about, its those toxic/ untrustworthy people at the government office; whether they are the clients or the staff. I have no choice but to deal with them appropriately.  

There is talk that seeing a group of snakes means you are overwhelmed with dealing with toxic people.

Again, at the gov’t office. The over whelming number of migrants coming in for services. They were shipped to New York City from Texas, the Governor in Texas wants to slap those bleeding hearts advocates, many who don’t seem to have any sense of reality, that there is a real crisis going on at the Southern border that needs to be brought under control.  

The migrants have flooded NYC’s gov’t services like cancer. Virtually all of them are undocumented aliens, some were granted a humanitarian parole status, and given a time and date to see an immigration Judge, who will determine if they should get any type of status.

The conditions at the gov’t office is terrible, with bureaucrats working up to ten in the evening. This has destroyed after work life. True_George has not even managed to get in some Judo and Jiu Jitsu training for the past two weeks because of being forced to stay until the gov’t bureaucrats service everyone.

Then there is talk about the spiritual aspects of seeing a rattle snake in dreams. With the rattle snake’s tail rattling giving off vibrations. Perhaps, you are embarking on new heights increasing your vibrational state.

I really don’t know about that one, because the rattle of the a snake means that it feels threatened and if there is no way out, it will strike. If it strikes, you’re good as dead once that toxin reaches your blood stream.

To think that a snake in general is spiritual is crazy. Given the fact that even in the holy books, the serpent has a reputation of being deceptive, untrustworthy, underhanded. So, I just don’t see anything positive about a snake.

Personally, I don’t really like snakes, I’ve seen them live in cages; or around someone’s neck in places like the beach, or a tourist spot where the snake owner charges tourists to take pictures.

Seems, like I have a lot to learn about this dream interpretation stuff.

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  1. Hello from the UK

    Many thanks for your post. I am sorry you have to deal with toxic staff and clients. I daresay your dream might have been to do with that.

    It could also be the vaccines of course as these contain neuro-toxins unless they are placebos. Snake bites are neuro-toxic as they paralyze their victim.

    Kind regards


  2. I actually like snakes but ours aren’t really dangerous and are very shy. Of course if you corner them…

    I thought when I started reading your post that the snakes were at your workplace – that they’re either representing your colleagues or whatever – your point about the immigrants is equally likely. The situation is just as bad here for illegal immigration – people cross over Europe and come really long distances just to get to the UK for the free financial handouts they government insist on giving out to people who won’t work! 😦 I wish they’d give the workers a bit more leeway financially – especially the low-paid ones.

    Your comment: ” does the mind truly relax. The mind just transitions from the conscious to the unconscious” – I don’t think the mind ever ‘relaxes’ as it doesn’t switch off – there’s always things for it to do and lots of issues and ‘filing’ to sort through from the daytime.

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    • Well, one can say that there are snakes in the workplace. Only that the snakes are the humans.
      In this instance the US gov’t has contributed to the conditions that the migrants are running away from, but the US doesn’t enforce its own immigration policies; NYC officials made their own bed. They declared the city a sanctuary now they have to provide sanctuary.

      The old saying goes, “get up and go to work, millions on welfare depend on you.”

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      • I haven’t heard that saying but it’s so true! And I have to admit I resent it when I’m struggling for money to pay bills and the permanently unemployed here are running around in taxis (which I could never afford), with the latest and biggest TVs and smart phones they can get their hands on (I don’t have either of those)


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