Rats in a Box

              I was alerted that the cat was chasing something; when I got to the kitchen, I saw that there was a huge rat. I don’t know how the cat managed to put fear in this rat, but when I looked at the rat, it was so huge that I was apprehensive to capturing it.

My thoughts were that I should go get my gun and shoot it. But, in the midst of contemplating whether I should get the gun or not. There was a box, and the rat had jumped into it.

The next thing I knew, I saw some other rats, they were normal size, and those rats jumped into the box after the huge rat. Then the lid was put on the box.

I was alerted again, this time by the other people living in the house hold. I didn’t recognize the figures and who they represented. They wanted the take the box outside, but they did not know that it was full of rats. It was heavy to pick up and the lid was taken off it.

When the lid came off, the rats started darting out the box and they ran to back into the house.

The lid was quickly, put back on the box. The strange thing about this is that the lid wouldn’t stay onto the box.

I knew that the huge rat that was in that box will come out soon. I decided to get the gun. It turned out that I couldn’t find the gun.

I went back to the kitchen, thinking that I could use the broom stick and beat that huge rat to death.

When another rat jumped out of the box, my gun was kicked out of the box when the rat jumped out. This was strange, how did my gun end up in the box? Also, the gun that fell out the box appeared to be a .38 revolver, instead of a .9mm semi-automatic.      

When the gun hit the floor, I did not want to touch it; because it had been in the box with numerous rats. I did not want to catch some aliment, attributed to the rats.

The huge rat looked out the box, and prepared itself to dart out of the box, and into the living room. But the cat was brought in to give chase if the huge rat decided that he was going to  run away.

The huge rat stayed where it was, but no one was willing to handle the box and throw it out. Well, at least the cat is on alert should that huge rat decide to make a run for it.

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  1. I once had a mouse in my house (living in the country I’ve had a few actually) and, while chasing round the lounge, it happened to jump into my friend’s empty zip hold-all. I quickly zipped it in and took the bag outside (into the ferociously cold winter air) and unzipped it and went back indoors. The poor mouse kept sticking it’s head out of the nice, warm bag into the freezing cold gale and getting back into the bag again. In the end, it made a dash for it into the bushes in my garden – job done! 🙂

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