Two Kittens

              In this experience True_George felt like a camara man watching the events unfolding. Well, it all started on some unknown street. The weather was cold and snowy.

On the street there were to stray kittens wondering around, looking for a place to shelter themselves from the harsh elements. They were cold and hungry and it would only be a matter of time before they collapse with exhaustion. As they were wondering around, they made a cry of help each time they stopped.

 A car was passing through, then it stopped at the intersection. The girl in the back seat heard the cries from the kittens, she told the driver to hold on.

 She scanned the area to see where the cries were coming from. She barely saw the kittens hunkered on a parked car’s front wheel, shivering. Her heart melted after sighting the helpless kittens. She picked up the kittens and put them in her wool hat so that they could be warm on the trip home.

Now that the girl is home, she gave the kittens a good meal, being content, the kittens fell asleep. It was late so the girl also turned off the lights and went to bed.

It was late into the night by the time the kittens woke up. The house was quiet, so the kittens decided to explore their new surroundings.

The place is big and there are some places that the kittens didn’t manage to get into. But otherwise, they were being carefree and jolly as content kittens were meant to be.

While the kittens were roaming around, being like what cats do sometimes is that they get into places where they shouldn’t be. They had no clue that the enclosure that they got into belonged to another animal.

All that these clueless kittens knew that the enclosure was warm, and that since it was warm, they decided to take a cat nap. The clueless duo did not know that they were lying in a snake’s circle. The snake was still, and when it detected the kittens movement, it struck.

It grabbed one of the kittens and when the kitten was in its grasped, the kitten cried out loud, hoping the nice girl who rescued them from the street will hear them once again. But to no avail, the cries were not heard. The girl was fast asleep in her room, it was impossible to hear the desperate cries.

The snake started to swallow the kitten whole, the kitten’s attempts to shake free was futile; he was swallowed up whole; and is now in the snake’s belly, to be consumed.

The second kitten didn’t even run, because it was paralyzed with fear. A disadvantage for the kitten, and an advantage for the snake. The kitten is now prey, and once the first kitten was swallowed, the snake immediately lunged for the second kitten, who was also swallowed up and consumed.   

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  1. This was the grim version of A Tale Of Two Kitties.
    [video src="" /]

    Thank you for sharing True George.


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