Graduation Requirement

              I had a feeling that I was at my old high school; there were some type of construction going on in the building. There were some type of paper work in my hand, I had a feeling that I was due to graduate, but the Guidance Counselor summoned me to his office.

When I got to the office, I saw Mr. B the senior Guidance Counselor that I had in high school. He said that I was missing a grade for the Algebra class, and that I won’t be graduating because of it.

I was dumbfounded because I took that class a long time ago; I don’t think I passed it, but Mr. B said that I was not graded on it, so it was like I never took the class.

I told Mr. B that you said that I could take an alternative math class, and that you were the one that enrolled me in the class.

There was some reality to what was being experience. In reality, to graduate from high school, I indeed had to do an alternative to a class. It was an English class, I had to do a research paper in lieu of taking the class. For the math class, I had to take a night school course because somehow, I just couldn’t pass that algebra 2 class.

Now, I’m being told that Mr. H did not grade me on the algebra class. I asked, where is Mr. H, why don’t you just ask him to enter my grade. Mr. B said that Mr. H had AIDS and died, so he cannot put in a grade, now I have to re-take and pass the class if I wanted to graduate.

I thought this was crazy, then second thoughts came into my head. Mr.H? He was not my math Teacher in High School. Old man Mr. H was my math Teacher in the secondary school when I was attending school in the British school system. Plus, he didn’t teach algebra, he taught basic math and geometry.

Surely this situation could be overridden. I decided to go and see the principal about this. If anyone who can say that I don’t have to do that algebra class it would be him.

When I went to the principal’s office, instead of finding the Principal of my high school, Mr. K.W; I found Mr. L. The Headmaster of the junior school that I attended in the British school system.  

I didn’t know what to make of this, Mr. L said that I should prepare to take the algebra end of term test, because it is schedule for tomorrow.

I thought this was unfair, especially since I have not done algebra in a couple of years. In as much that when I hit college, I excelled in math and surpassing algebra and passing all mathematic classes, even the higher math class and applying those skills to physics and chemistry, I have not used my math skills in years. But I felt that I still could do basic algebra with out any preparation.

I went to a classroom where there were some students that was suppose to help with the preparation. I saw some equations on the board. The first couple of equations were very basic, and easy for me to figure out.

But the students didn’t write those out on the board. A harder equation was put up; I was going through the process, and telling the students what to put down. But they were not following wat I was saying. They were putting down something entirely different.

I asked them, why aren’t they putting up the correct response. I got no answer to my question. So I decided to leave the classroom.

While walking through the hallway, thinking that since I already have my High school diploma, why should I put up with the aggravation. I felt that I’ve been attending this school well beyond high school years. Why am I still here, given that I also hold college degrees; perhaps I should just leave…

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