Abandon Ship

It has been a while since I checked out Cosmic Disclosure; where people who worked in or were affiliated with the Secret Space program disclose information about the program. The narrator was describing NAZI Germany’s pact with the Reptilians, and about the NAZI appropriation of a NORDIC operative that was working for the allies, and how that operative became involved in NAZI Germany building the disc shaped rocket propulsion aircraft. Anyway, that is something that I will talk about in the near future.    

On this particular episode a bit more details about Admiral Byrd’s failed mission to the Antarctica came out. They even had some video of the attacking aircraft; the video was taken on one of the aircraft carriers.  

Well, at that point in the program, I think I was in between the sleep state and awake state. Because as the narrator was describing the details that were new to me. I was seeing pictures and feeling the environment as if I was there at the moment.

As the narrator was summarizing that battle; I found myself on one of the ships that was in Admiral Byrd’s battle group. As the battle raged, and ships were being destroyed. The ship that I was on was hit, and it began to sink.

The order was given to abandon ship, as the ship was sinking, some ship hands did not make it out before the ship sank beneath the waves. While others did make it out, but I did not see where they went. The only thing that I had in mind was to get away from the sinking ship so that I do not get caught in the whirlpool effect.

The whirlpool effect is when a ship sinks, an artificial whirlpool is created sucking everything around the sinking ship which is the center, and as the ship goes down into the ocean deaths, it takes everything down with it.   

Sailors abandoning a sinking ship will have to get far away from the ship as possible, otherwise they will fall victim to the whirlpool effect. Chances of surviving being pulled down by a whirlpool effect is slim.   

When I was in the water, I had on a survival suit, so I did not feel the cold. I was swimming away from the ship as it was sinking. I came across and object that was floating in the water. Perhaps debris from one of the destroyed ships. I attempted to get on the object, but the object was caught in the whirlpool effect and it was being pulled towards the sinking ship.

I had to abandon attempts to get on the object, and I continued swimming away from the sinking ship. Then I came across another object, but it was already occupied with other sailors that had to abandon their ship. The object that those sailors were on was on the verge sinking. It looked like the object couldn’t handle anyone else.

I kept on swimming around, but I was getting tired. I don’t know how long I could keep it up. I wasn’t finding anything, no debris or ice that I could climb on; until I sighted some sort of contraption that looked like a jet ski.

But it was been driven by an enemy combatant. It is ironic because it just marked a ship that was targeted and destroyed.  As the enemy combatant on this jet ski contraption swung around he saw me, and he came towards my direction. Instead of attacking, he told me to get aboard.

When I got aboard the jet ski contraption, at a great speed, it took me to one of the ships that was in Admiral Byrd’s battle group, and when he was alongside the ship; no words were exchanged, he nodded his head, a cue for me to recognize that even though he is an enemy combatant; he had a dose of humanity, delivering me to safety instead of allowing me to perish into a watery grave.  I climbed off the jet ski contraption and went aboard the ship.

When I looked back, I saw that the jet ski contraption had already disappeared. I guess it was lucky for me that the enemy combatant had a code of honor.

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