Vivid Appearance

I was at home, I didn’t particularly go anywhere, or do anything outside; all I did for the day was get rid of some clutter and mopped the floors. Later on, my girlfriend came over.

But a strange thing happened before my girlfriend came over to the apartment. I was in between the sleep and wake state, in front of my large flat screen T.V. When I looked up, I saw what appeared to be an unknown male walking towards me. He had on black shorts and a white T-shirt with some type of slogan, I didn’t catch what it said.

The man walked towards me and kept on walking as though I wasn’t there. When he was going to collide into me, he disappeared.

The appearance of this person was so vivid, that I swear that he was right in front of me in the flesh. I was kind of startled, but didn’t really ponder about it since girlfriend was here.   

Later on, during the night when girlfriend and I was in bed, girlfriend was asleep, and I was awake. Girlfriend’s back was facing me; I put my arm around girlfriend’s waist, and pulled her towards me,  I was stimulating girlfriend to wake up so that we could engage in some sexual activity; but before girlfriend woke up, I saw someone appear on girlfriend’s side of the bed.

It was NP, a friend of mine who at one time, I thought of making her a 2nd girlfriend. But didn’t because after I started to get to know her better, I found that she is a worthless woman, Let’s just put it this way, beauty is the only thing she has going for her, other then that, there is nothing.

The appearance of NP was so vivid, that it was like she was actually there standing in the bedroom. I swear if she wasn’t on the other side of the bed, I could reach out and touch her.

I heard NP say something like “George, what are you doing; or that’s what you want, or wanted,” She spoke as though, she was the object of desire.

My, reaction was “what the fuck!” I’m truly surprised that NP would appear the way she did. But I did have some type of lucidity to recognize that she could not actually physically be in the bedroom. Even though it appeared that way. Then, my thoughts were like dam, I wonder if NP passed away.

 It seems that she walked around to the other side of the room; I didn’t see her, but felt that there was some sort of hostility, resentment that stemmed from jealousy, maybe because another woman was in my bed.

I felt like something was thrown at me. When I looked, I saw that one of my dumbbells was next to me. I picked it up and threw it on the chair that is in front of my workout bench.

Then, I saw a weapon that looked like an M16 rifle on the floor. I said to myself, that NP is going to make me come after her.

My room door was open, and I took the M16 and exited the room looking for NP. I could not find her, but my son came out of his room, and wanted to help me. He went in my room to get my hand gun so that he could used it, since I had the M16.

But then, I realized that we shouldn’t pursue looking for NP; she is tricking us and me or my son would end up accidently shooting each other.   

I went back to my room to tell my son we’re not going to look for NP and not to bother getting the gun. But when I got back to the room, I saw that my son already had a weapon in his hands.

It wasn’t my hand gun, it was some sort of a shot gun, he was loading it; I told my son that we are being tricked into shooting each other.

After that I took the shot gun away from my son and he went back to his room. But then it occurred to me that I do not have a chair in front of my workout bench. Also, that the dumb bell that was on my bed didn’t resemble any of my dumb bells, and that all of them were on the floor undisturbed.

I should have known that I might have been in a dream state, especially when I saw an M16 on the floor. I could have sworn that I was awake. Perhaps when NP left the room, I fell into a dream state without knowing it, or was I already in a dream state when NP appeared.

But I know the next time it happens I’m ready for it…

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