Snow Tsunami

              This dream was intertwined between to settings, but both had something to do with the military. It’s been fifteen years since I retired from the National Guard. But I still continue to have dreams centered around the military.

It starts out with me having some sort of conversation with a fellow government bureaucrat C J. This particular bureaucrat is also a Veteran. He was in the Navy and retired as a Chief Petty Officer (CPO).

C J is one of those workers who can’t do nothing right, and finds any excuse not to do an assigned task. In this scenario, he had some papers that he did not know how to process. So since I am a supervising bureaucrat I decided to help him out.

I organized the papers for him, and there were three papers that needed to be sent to clients, that he was supposed to have done and did not do it. I organized those papers and attached an autographed photo on them.

Would you believe that the autographed photo was of the Wrestler Tony Atlas. Hell, I just got through listening to Tony Atlas on the Monte and the Pharoah podcaste.

I put a yellow sticky on each of the paperwork I organized with written instructions of what to do.

Then the scene changed, I was in some type of environment, I swear it looked like Camp Smith, a National Guard training post. It was one of those days where the sun is shining and there was snow on the ground.   

As I was walking, I could see that the ground was moving, it looked like when ice is on top of water and is moving along the current.

It looked odd, but I thought nothing of it, but then the ground movement began to get worse, then I heard someone yell, “tsunami!”

This is when I saw that the earth, and snow and ice was moving and destroying everything in its path.

I saw two Soldiers, they were doing something, I yelled to them to stop what they’re doing and come from where they are and go to another area. I didn’t want them to get swept up in the tsunami. But the two soldiers were questioning the orders since I was not in their chain of command.

But then, they saw the light when they saw the building In front of them being destroyed. I told them to follow me. We were steps ahead of the tsunami, and we kept on moving so that we don’t get swept up in the debris of snow, ice, and destroyed manmade structures.

As were moving, I heard someone shout, “come over here,” I saw a Command Sargent Major with some men standing on a hill where a house was built. So me and the two soldiers went to where they were.

We were on top of the hill, but the  tsunami reached to where the house was and the house crumbled, all the way down to its foundation, and the foundation also tumbled into the moving debris.

I’m not sure how we escaped the debris of moving snow, ice and man-made structures. Perhaps a helicopter transport came and plucked us off the hill. But, the next scene was in a neighborhood in one of those small towns near Camp Smith.

I saw the two soldiers that I told to come with me, take something that looked like a staff or rod from the edge of the tsunami’s debris.

I spoke to them and told them that the next time someone tells them something, and they don’t understand why they are being told what they’re being told, that they should trust that the Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) know what they’re doing and talking about.

Then the scene changed; it was back to the gov’t office where that sorry excuse of a worker, the retired CPO C J was coming to me and asking what should he do with the stuff that I helped him organized.

I told him to remember what I told him, and asked him certain questions that will prompt him to think what he is supposed to do.

But C J is lazy, and doesn’t want to think. I asked C J “so when you were a CPO, how did you lead the people under your command?” Then I remarked that the way you act, I can’t believe you were a CPO.  

I asked, how did you get to lead a cock strong Seaman that just got out of basic and job training, and he is the fourth front of new information that was handed down to him during his training.

I bet any money that you did not have the intestinal fortitude to manage to lead that person. Sure, he may do things for you because of your rank, but he would never look at you as a leader.

On the other hand, if you’re anything like True_George; perhaps I may not be at the fourth front of information, or be as technical or physical fit, as that cock strong fellow. But if I would have to deal with him, there will be something, or a situation where he will be stuck, and will have to come to me, because I am superior in analytics, finding solutions, and putting theories into practice. From there I would be able to lead that person, because he will develop some sort of personal respect.

I told C J that I even wrote what you need to do on a sticky pad on each document, but you still fuck up.

Apart from dealing with sacks of shit like C J; I don’t know if there are any co-relation between the tsunami and C J….

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