I didn’t record this dream right away, but I should have; however, I can still recall many details of what took place.

It started off with me seeing some sort of farmland; or perhaps it was a field where I spent time on during a field artillery exercise.

There was some sort of tranquility feeling when being in the middle of an undeveloped area where you can see nothing but green fields as far as the eye can see, as long as it isn’t too hot or too cold.

I saw that I had established some sort of camp; I had a bag full of equipment and food. So here I am in the middle of no where when some animal that looked like a fox came up and started to rummage through my black bag.

The fox started to eat what I had in the bag; he ate my broccoli, carrots, lettuce and other vegetables that I had in the bag. I was surprised that there wasn’t any chicken packed.

When the fox finished eating what was in the bag, he started to rummage through the other stuff, maybe he was looking for more food.  

Then the fox walked on my lap like a cat and was sniffing my fingers, the he sort of started to bite my fingers, the biting didn’t penetrate the skin. I don’t know whether the fox was being malicious, or biting to get a reaction. But one of its fangs did make a small hole in one of my fingers; no blood was drawn.

After the fang made a hole in one of my fingers, I shooed it away. After the fox ran away, I thought that I should get a rabies test.

I left the field and went to a medical center, where I told the Doctor what happened. The Doctor did not have a good bedside manner. He just mentioned that the last time someone got bitten by a fox in the area and came to him for treatment, the patient tested positive for rabies.

That revelation didn’t do anything for myself conscious, and that there is a possibility that I may have rabies.

The test was done, but there was no real conclusion…..

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