When someone is in a state of evolution, and it is recognized, the question is would it make a good reality show on prime-time T.V? Well, maybe the subconscious answered this question.

This was indeed another strange dream; it started off with me observing someone being observed by others in a lab. He was being observed because he was going through some sort of a transition. It was like he was fading into another dimension. There were debates whether he was in the midst of an ascension or evolution of the human spirit. As the debate in the larger society went on, so did the cameras televising the transformation of this person.

The person stated his transformation, he was fading out of existence, but as the world watched the transformation on prime time T.V, surely the viewers didn’t think he was the only person in the world that is undergoing this process.      

There other people under going this process, and it wasn’t welcomed and studied with curiosity like the scientific, enlightment and entertainment communities have embraced.

With the common person, it was welcomed with fear, and with fear comes persecution. Especially among the religious zealots, the ignorant, and uneducated followers.

As the televised event of the transformation as the next step in human evolution was taking place, so were the rioting and looting taking place in many of the world’s cities.

One would think that breaking into a department store and looting the latest in electronic products, furniture and the latest fashion of clothes and footwear will make the transformation of human beings disappear.

Then there is the persecution. People became prejudice against those that are going through the transformation. Of course falling back on religious teachings to justify becoming bigots overnight.

In the religious communions, those undergoing the transformation were quickly excommunicated and kicked out of church, mosque and synagogue. Even among the Buddhist, Hindus and Sikhs there were persecution.

But has the chaos ensued the televised transformation of this person continued. The person faded, then something unexpected happened. When he faded out of this dimension, the physical features came back, but it wasn’t the same.

A completely different person appeared, with different physical features. It looks like there is being an exchange of beings from one dimension to another.

The premise behind this is that the physical space is occupied simultaneously on each dimension. Now the frequencies have changed, and it is exchanging body for body of certain people.

Is this really an evolution or ascension of humanity or is it some scientific natural course of event that takes place from time to time.

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  1. That’s very deep indeed for a dream! I suppose it shows how deeply you think about these things though… It sounded in some parts like one of the Start Trek – Next Generation episodes about a set of beings on a planet who were transcending into higher beings and being persecuted and threatened with extermination for being different!


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