Rescued Baby

Had this latest experience where there were scenes of some sort of war.  I have to conclude that it may have been World War II based on the imagery that was observed. It was similar to what I saw on the documentaries “World at War” that I saw a couple of years back. It’s ironic because I saw everything was in black and white instead of in color.

I saw that a woman was in the rubble of bombed out buildings going from one ruin to the next. She had a baby with her, being that the baby was less than a year old, and has not learned to walk, she had to carry the baby around.

It was making things hard for her to survive. Someone who was scavenging with her suggested that she could drop off the baby at the church.

Even though there were bombed out buildings everywhere, the churches and cathedrals were relatively safe. Those buildings were not targeted. The nuns, monks and priests are being spared of being aware of the conditions of war.

This sure reminds me of another movie I saw a couple of years ago. A movie that I wouldn’t mind seeing again, if I remember what the movie is called.

That movie was about a young woman who became a nun. She was sent to Africa where she was a Nurse. The hospital was run by the nuns. There was only one male, and he was the Doctor.

There were certain scenes that stood out in that movie. Like one of the African natives casually walking into the hospital with a tree bark under his left arm. The African walked into the ward full of patients in bed. One of the Nun Nurses came to greet the man. She smiled at him and said something like “hello.” The man also greeted the Nun nurse, and then took the tree bark from under his arm and bashed the Nun Nurse in her head with it.

When he first bashed the Nun Nurse in her head, she was shocked, it looked like she was frozen. Then the man bashed her in the head a second time, her forehead started dripping blood. Then she walked out of the ward through the swing door, the man was following her through the door, where she stood waiting for him to meet her fate.

The man stood face to face to her and started to bash her in the head a few more times. It took a couple bashing before she fell to the ground and died.

The other scene was when the young Nun Nurse caught tuberculous from one of the patients. The Doctor did not want her to die without a fighting chance. He took her to the mountains, isolated her, gave her a special diet until she was cured of the ailment.

But the unintended circumstance, that she fell in love with the Doctor. Being that she was a Nun, she is supposed to stay celebrate. She was feeling some way, even with counseling from the Mother Superior. Feeling that she wants to be a true woman, and experience what a woman is supposed to be celibate experience, I think, it was when she made the decision to leave the Nun order.

The other scene was when she left the nun order, it showed the difference that she was leaving the environment of the church. There were no signs that a war existed, but when the cathedral doors opened; it showed the ruins of the bombed-out buildings outside the world of the church; with the you woman who gave up her Nunship walking out into the environment of a bombed-out city from the safe haven of the church with her suitcase.

What I saw was something similar, except for it was happening in the opposite way. The woman brought her baby to the church. The baby was laid out on the alter, for the care taker to take guardianship.

Then I saw the priest standing over the baby. But this Priest had his own idea of what he was going to do with the baby.

To me, the priest had an evil look in his eyes. He was a pedophile and wanted to ravish and groom the baby instead of caring for it.

So now the pedophile is in possession of the baby; but that was until, someone who is also in the church was disgusted and didn’t want the baby to become a victim.

He swooped in and took the baby from the pedophile priest. After he took the baby away from the pedophile priest, He went out of the church’s environment into the ear torn city in search of the baby’s mother….    


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