Didn’t do much writing for the past two weeks, the time was limited, between going to the government office and doing my work as a government bureaucrat and a home improvement project of tiling the floor in one of the rooms in my apartment.

It was more of sorting out stuff and move heavy furniture around so that I can get the floor space to tile. When One section is done, I move the furniture on the finished portion and then work on the other portion.

Yeah, I know its time consuming, especially on the days when I come in tired. I don’t feel like doing anything after a day at the government office, and a little work out at the Martial Arts center. But, can’t wait until things are finished.

So now it leads me to today’s experience, which took place at the second gig.  It took place when I was sitting at the desk, things were slow, and since nothing was happening, it wasn’t long before I was in the in between state.

I heard what I thought was someone entering the room. It was like before I detected the presence of the being, I heard the footsteps. I felt the presence in the room. But I could not see who it was.

I reached out my arms and I felt that whoever was there and grabbed him to pull him into my sight. When I done that and pulled the person in my view; I saw that it was a man; the feature of his face was unidentified, but he was wearing a suit and tie. It was a 1940’s or 1950’s style suit.

Perhaps the figure appeared that way so that my mind could process his appearance, making it acceptable on my level. But I guess my nature have some sort of violent tendencies, because my mind prompted me to throw the figure across the room, ejecting him from the room….

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