I started watching a series on Netflix called “Stranger things,” they did a good job of recreating the 1980’s. One of the characters even drives a Ford Pinto, I think it’s a 1977 model. I’m still evaluating the show, but during one evening as I was sitting on the couch after coming in from a day’s work at the government office. I was watching the show while I was in an in between sleep and awake state.

The show’s characters were encountering some type of dog looking creature called the “Mind Flayer.” As the sounds of the creature was coming from the T.V. I didn’t see what was on the screen. I saw what my own subconscious showed me.

I was opening the front door to a house; after I opened the door, there was a dinosaur, it looked like a T-Rex, that was the size of a rapture.

The rapture sized T-Rex grabbed my arms and was chewing on them. I didn’t feel any pain. But I did managed to pull my arms from the rapture sized T-Rex.

I ran out in the street, when I was outside on the street, I could see other rapture sized T-Rex’s running around.

Some of the stuff is vague, but all I could remember is that the rapture sized Rex started to converge in the area where I was. Three of them were in front of me. One was on my left, one was on my right and one was directly in front of me.

There was no way that I could escape them. Then the one in the middle lunged at me and was successful in grabbing my arm….

I did not see any conclusion.

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