The Statue

            This experience took place when I saw an image of somebody whose identity was unknown, the figure was hanging up a baby’s cradle. The cradle was being hung in from of a window.

Then there was a shift in the point of view, to that of the first person. I saw it as though I was putting in the screws and was looking for a Phillips screwdriver to tighten up the screw.

I put the first screw in, then the second, but when I was looking for the third screw, I could not find it, I looked to my right and saw that a little boy was stealing the screws, when he grabbed the screws he was running away.

The unidentified figure who was with me started to chase the boy, while I stayed back and was holding the baby’s cradle from falling to the ground.

But I found an alternate screw that fit the hole, so I could use it. But I had to find a flat tip screw driver, which was laying among the other screws.

While tightening the screws, I looked out the window and saw that there was a view of a Mosque. It was on fire, I didn’t see the Mosque building completely destroyed. But the Iman appeared in the room where me and the unidentified figure was.

The Iman and the unidentified figure were arguing, the unidentified figure said something about that he should have agreed to the terms of sharing the grounds, or making some sort of pact but the Iman was still defiant.

Then the point of view shifted,  and now I was seeing things through the eyes of the Iman. He was looking at some sort of statue in the room, the statue had two figures standing next to each other. But the Iman’s foresight saw that in the middle there was a Baphomet. The Iman figured that the unidentified figure was an agent of the devil and he did not want anything to do with the unidentified figure, even if it cost him his Mosque.

The Iman left, which separated my point of view from his. I was left looking at the statue, then like an accordion the statue stretched and the Baphomet was visible with the two figures standing on the left and right.

I didn’t want it around, I couldn’t destroy the statue, so I decided to bury it. Once outside, I attempted to dig a hole and put the statue in it. But was prevented to do so by some sort of force.

I decided not to waste any more energy digging a hole when the hole just filled back up; I decided to cover up the statue instead. I took the dirt and leaves and covered up that statue. When I was successful, I saw that several figures popped up from the ground. The figures were aggressively making their way to where I was. I had the shovel posturing to defend myself from the devil’s agents, when there was suddenly a shift of scenery.

I was in my bedroom, but it looked like I was sharing it with some unidentified figures. There was some talk about babies being kidnapped. That the place should be secured. But the problem is that every time the door was locked, the kidnapper some how manage to get it open. As to who was the kidnapper and why babies were kidnapped was the mystery in the scheme of things.

  I was coming back into the apartment, I saw that the door was open. When I went into my room, I demanded to know why the door was left open. But everyone was asleep.

I saw the couple with their baby, the kidnapper did not get to this baby. I took the baby and decided to guard it so that the kidnapper couldn’t get to it.

Then I saw the baby’s parents, who were laying on the bed asleep. When I saw who the baby’s parents where I realized that this baby would never be kidnapped. The parents resembled Jay-Z and Beyonce.

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  1. Just been googling your Baphomet statue and came across loads of interesting stuff about how Satanists are sucking in new initiates who will no doubt have no clue about what they’re getting into until it’s too late! They’re basically pitching it as being for ‘non-conformist’ and gender fluid’ people and others of that ilk. Whole ripe new picking grounds for them!

    Very interesting dream again that…


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