Lunar Landing

The scene of this experience takes place in space; I saw images of space as it appears in those NASA films, everything was seen in color. The setting looked like it was a 1960’s type project with the space craft resembling the one that was used in the lunar landing.

The craft touched down on the moon, the Astronauts got out and planted the American flag. But instead of the two Astronauts there was a third one, he was a plant from the military. He had a weapon at the ready slung in front of him. Since they were on the moon, he did not have the standard weapon, the weapon he had was a plasma rifle. Plasma is a more successful than bullets in a place that lacks gravity like the moon does.

The military also supplied a type of moon buggy so that the soldier can get around. So now that the flag was planted, it was time to look around.

The Soldier and one of the Astronauts got in the moon buggy and was driving away from the space craft. They drove a good distance surveying the areas. Then they got to some sort of a structure.

They drove the moon buggy into the structure, once inside they got out the moon buggy and looked around. They saw that it was an old factory like facility that had abruptly shut down operations.

They looked around and discovered a panel; it looked like the facility’s control panel. The soldier was also a mechanic, he looked at the controls and said that it looked easy enough to repair. The Astronaut agreed that the panel should be repaired. So, an operation to repair the panel was done.

The lights in the facility came on, and the automated machinery commenced operations. Once it did the facility’s security was also activated. The security detected that there were intruders and the security robots started to seek them out.

The Soldier and Astronaut were the intruders, and they knew it, so they had to move around to evade the security robots. They came across a group of other structures that looked like construction trailers; it was the facility’s command center. They went into the trailer like structures to evade the security robots.

Once in the structures, they looked out the window and saw that there was a mobilization of creatures, they were piling into land vehicles, and the vehicles were getting ready to go out on the moon surface. Once they do, they will discover the space landing craft.

The vehicles looked like old earth manual transmission military jeeps; but there was a group that was having trouble operating the vehicle.

So the Soldier took a chance and commandeered the vehicle and drove it out the facility. It is ironic, that the creatures allowed them to do it….

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