The Bar

I was with a couple of friends; the image was a combination of settings that I am familiar with, they were all fused together to make one scene. 

I was with some of my fellow government bureaucrats and there were some people that I knew during the years when I had no responsibilities, who I used to go club hopping at any given days of the week. 

Right now the day at the gov’t office  was over and some fellow gov’t bureaucrats  wanted to hang out after we left the gov’t building, while others did not want to hang out.

The ones that wanted to hang out asked the ones that didn’t if they want to go to a bar. They declined the invitation. I was familiar with the group that declined the invitation to go to a bar. I wanted to go and have a little drink. I urged the group to come on and let’s go to the bar. I said that I would spot them $20.00 and the drinks would be on me.

They decided to come. We went to a house; We went in the house because the bar was located on the upper floor of the house. The owner of the house was my friend WS.   We went up the stairs and I saw the rest of WS family watching T.V in the living room.  They did not want to know who is going through the house. 

Once we were in the house, mugs of beers were being passed around. My friends and I drank a couple of rounds, then we went on the roof.

Once on the roof there were some stairs leading to the bar. When I entered the bar, I saw that there was a commotion.  A group of people surrounded this one guy; I’m not too sure what the guy did, but, there was a tough looking dude standing in front of him and a group of people standing behind him.

The guy that was surrounded sounded mild mannered and calm. Suddenly the people surrounding him  grabbed his arms and torso. Then the tough looking dude pulled out a box cutter. They picked up the guy and started to carry him down the stairs, at   the same time the box cutter was held at the guy’s throat.

While the guy was hoisted in the air and angled at 60 degrees, he was being taking down the stairs, I could see that his throat is being cut at the same time.

A lot if blood sprang out of his neck area. This was when I went behind the crowd and made my way to the bar. I was alone, I didn’t see any of my fellow gov’t bureaucrats or any other friends around. I was alone at the bar. So, I ordered a mixed drink. The bar tender put his head forward and whispered something to me. I did not hear what he whispered; but it looked like the drink was on the house.

The bartender gave me an unusual looking $5.00 bill. There was another bar tender, this one was a woman; she said, “the drink is paid for but you can use the house money on one of the gambling tables.” I declined and stated that I do not want to be in debt…….

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