On The Tram

            My mind must have still been on certain events that happened when I went down south to spend time with side piece. Things didn’t go well, that woman showed that she isn’t good for anything.

One of the things that I thought shouldn’t happen was when I showed up outside of her house, instead of her coming out right away, I had to wait. She claims that she was asleep. But what was particular upsetting was when I arrived, I called and told her that I was outside. Anyway, this is where the dream picks up.

I was outside her house and when she finally came out, we went about our way. We stopped at a store and she brought some stuff. Among them was a statute of a figurine. I helped her pay for it. The figurine was wrapped up, and I put it in my pocket.

We went on some sort of transportation system. The system was a cross between a chair lift and tram, similar to the one that is used to transport people to Roosevelt Island.

We got to the hotel, and she started to do things that irritated me. Such as asking me to hold her phone while she makes one of her stupid Tik Tok videos. Instead of coming to bed, she was up all night doing dumb stuff and editing her videos.  Then at dawn, now she wants to go to bed. I asked, “what the fuck were you doing all night.” She did not have an answer for me.” I had to go back to New York because I had things to do before my trip to California. Being that she slept during the morning instead of being up so that I can drop her off to her office.

When she got up in the afternoon, she had to take some class online. It was too late to take her to her office in time for her to sign into the class, so she had to do it at the hotel room. now we had to pay to spend another day at the hotel. It put a monkey wrench in my plans.

After that, other things played out that I was not too happy about. Things climaxed with me telling her what I disliked. I told her about her conceded character, that she was no good. I told her to pack up her stuff, that I’m leaving with or without her.

We continued to argue; she packed up her stuff but could not find the figurine. She forgot that she asked me to put it in my coat pocket. I knew where it was, I wasn’t going to give it back to her, she doesn’t deserve it.

I decided to leave, I took my coat which had the figurine in the pocket and left. I told her I didn’t want anything more to do with her. I was walking on the street to the tram. Then I saw her coming down the opposite direction. We bumped into each other.   

Since I was so disgusted with her; The next tram is coming, I knew it wasn’t the right one to take to get back to the place where I caught it. But I didn’t want to be on the same tram with her. So I took the next one that came up. The idea was to get off at the first stop, then go to the other side and take the tram going back to the stop where I got on. By the time I get back, the pain in the ass woman would be long gone.

When I got on the tram that came up, it started going up like it was going up a mountain. The tram that I was supposed to take was supposed to go straight. It was just like sitting on a chair lift going up a mountain to ski. But at a certain point, the tram leveled off and was starting to go straight.

When it was going straight, I saw that it was going through a tunnel, then an announcement was made that the tram’s destination will be New York.

This was news to me, now if the tram is going to New York, I didn’t have to get off at the next stop, to take the tram to the opposite direction. So, after a few stops; the tram went on to its destination in New York.

When the tram made it to the last stop, it announced that it had arrived some place in Brooklyn. The strange thing about it was that the scenery appeared in black and white.

Then, I got some sort of message as to why things suddenly appeared black and white. It was because there was a horrific accident at that particular stop, where the passengers of the tram perished. So, what is the hidden message?

Did the tram crash, and I was among the passengers that perished, or was I riding on a ghost tram? I see coats, and other luggage strewn on the floor, but I also see the other passengers disembark.

I looked out the tram’s window, when I peaked my head out of the tram, I saw that everything appeared in color.

I put my head back into the tram, and the appearance was black and white. The conductor was walking from tram car to tram car making sure that the passengers disembark. Due to the appearance of the tram car being in black and white. I was pondering taking the tram back to where I came from. But, since I was in already in Brooklyn, made the decision to leave the tram.

When I got out of the tram, everything appeared in color. When I was on the platform, I saw that the location of the tram was in black and white and instead of the tram being where it was supposed to be, there was a memorial.

When I got out of the station and was walking around the neighborhood. It was not the usual typical Brooklyn neighborhood. I see street signs with familiar names; but those streets lead to nowhere. I wasn’t familiar with this area, but in my mind I knew that I had my cell phone with me, if push comes to shove, I’ll just call an Uber to take me home.

I was walking and came across a middle age looking man. He had a walking stick, and he kinda brushed against me. He apologized and was hobbling on his way. Then I realize that the figurine and my cell phone were gone. I recognized the middle-aged man was a master pick pocket, but he won’t get away from me.

I ran and grabbed him and demanded that he give me back my cell phone. I couldn’t care less about the figurine. I physically grabbed him and stopped him, then the man started to roll on the ground and was shouting that I am mugging him. I told him to shut the fuck up and give me back my phone. But the cops showed up.

The cops asked me what I was doing, I told them that the man stole my cell phone. The cops  told me to step back, and while the man was rolling around on the floor, the cops stopped him from rolling one way and directed him another way. Maybe they are getting ready to help him up.

But I see that the cops were also opening his coat, the man was padded with multiple layers of clothing. Each layer had an item, which were falling out, each time he moved. At the third layer of clothing, my cell phone fell out on the ground. The cops picked it up and gave it to me.

Maybe they knew something about the old man that I didn’t. Things worked out, I got my cell phone back, but still did not see that I made it out of this unknown part of Brooklyn.

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