Mind Threshold


Sometimes I don’t get the point of meditation. When one gets to a certain level then all kinds of subjective experiences begin to take place. The type of experience that happens could be as a result of one’s level in life. Such as spiritual level, the physical level, the material level, the level of everyday living, even the level of how one relates to their fellow human beings. Who knows? But what is certain is that meditation is progressive. We are living in an age where technology can aid in achieving heights that was only known that Buddhist Monks reach without the aid of technology because of their life style. Now, just because technology can take meditation to new heights, the question is are you ready for it? The scariest moments or perhaps I should say the most profound moments of meditation I’ve experienced came with the use of theta frequency using the Silva Method or entrainment frequencies. The most profound was when I was doing the Silva Method Remote Viewing exercise:


 I had put the Remote viewing course visual enhancement exercise CD, the exercise had the theta sound, as I was listening to the induction of the exercise, the first one called for you to picture the front of your house, I pictured the apartment building where I lived.  I saw the building in real time, however only half of the building had light.  The left side of the building was dark; it looked like I could only get a picture of the right side of the building that had the light So I moved the whole thing (the picture) left, when I had done this, I found that I could no longer control the picture, at the same time, the so called gentle theta tap began to hit my temple on both sides, causing some discomfort. As this was going on, a lot of pictures started to flash in my mind, then there was a lock, the picture became clear, I could see everyone associated with the scenery very clear. The clarity of the picture became even clearer, as though I was living the experience as someone else, seeing and feeling things through their eyes. This was a bit overwhelming, I saw a woman make a slapping gesture, and seen the hand come across the face of the person with whom I could see out their eyes. When that happened I took off the head phones.

A couple of days later I picked back up the exercise. On this occasion I was listening to the induction, picturing my apartment building then when the theta tap began and the same experience occurred of pictures flashing until it stopped at a particular scene. Again with great clarity I saw that the scene was a field, and in that field I saw some type of being. The being was not a human. It looked like something I have not seen before. As I was looking at the being, it came up to me and looked at me as though it was looking in a mirror. I got the feeling that the being knew that I was watching it and it stared back at me as if it was giving me a message.  This was a defining moment. It was scary, I immediately ended what I was doing, and have not done anything involving the theta tap frequency since.

Then this happened when I started back up again (  https://truegeorge.com/2016/03/23/cold-touch/). Well, I’m getting back the courage to continue and progress even further. Perhaps there is a feeling that the Dilemma of life as a government bureaucrat is not the most spiritual fulfilling occupation, especially dealing with the public; the population of people that come in for the type of government service that I preside over tends to be at the bottom of the barrel in today’s society. People coming in for gov’t services have bad attitudes, and many tend to be in survival mode instead of thriving they are collapsing. Some are energy vampires sucking your energy attempting to trap you in their energy robbing aura. Some balance to combat these types of energetic and psychic attacks is required.


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