This dream occurred when I was spending the night at my girlfriend’s apartment. The condition was pretty good, the weather was cold and damp, and the building’s heat was working, as it should be.

I was in a lighthouse with a woman; it appeared that this woman was also my girlfriend; it seems that we were not getting along. It seems that there was an argument. Then the scene shifted to third person point of view. I saw the area from above the sky; the buildings were being engulfed in water. The blue water was rising and covering the buildings in the town.

The scene shifted to the woman and me. I could see the woman and myself. The rising water had not reached halfway up to the lighthouse. The woman said, “Why did you bring me here, don’t you see that the water is rising.” I said, “Why are you worried, we are in the light house, the water is not going to rise above the lighthouse.” I was wrong the water came all the way up to the lighthouse then it stopped. The woman was upset, she said let’s go up to the light area.” We went into the area where the light is. The water started to rise up again, this time it came up to the light area, it covered half way up the light area and then it stopped.

The scene shifted back to the first person point of view. Now I was a participant in the dream. I saw myself with a candle igniting the light, the woman asked, “why are you turning on the lighthouse’s light.” I said that the lighthouse’s light is gas operated and the gas is being dispensed in the air, so I am lighting the light so that the gas will not suffocate us. Apparently, the water stayed at the same level.

The scene shifted to third person,  I heard the sound of a helicopter’s engine, then I looked up and saw a helicopter flying in the air.  I heard my thoughts saying “is that the helicopter searching for survivors of the flood?”

The scene then shifted back to the lighthouse, and the first person point of view. I opened the hatch at the very top of the light. I called out to the helicopter, waving my arms. The scene shifted to third person. I am now looking at myself waving my arms calling out to the helicopter. Then the scene was back in the first person point of view, now I’m looking up at the helicopter, and when I was waving my arms the scene was in the third person. The helicopter heard my call despite the distance. The helicopter came and hovered above the lighthouse, lowered a white shaft. The shaft was coming from the front of the helicopter, the scene then shifted to the third person, I could see myself climbing up the shaft up into the helicopter, and at this point I woke up.

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  1. Hello True George,

    Do you think that the rising waters in this dream could have been symbolic of the rocky relationship between your girlfriend in the dream and you?

    Thank you for sharing your dream,
    -John Jr

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