Country Road

Sometimes one may not know what to expect if they walk on a dark and lonely road. You know the type; a rural country road that is narrow, gravel, has no lighting system and the nothing but a thick growth of vegetation on both sides of the road.  You may get unlucky and someone is waiting in the bushes and as soon as you are in their presence they come out and scare you. The ones who don’t jump out the bushes to scare you are the ones who have the intention of robbing you. They may just hit you over the head with a stick, or just shove a gun in your face. Well this type of incident may occur on a well-traveled rural road. But on a desolate less traveled country road there may be a few surprises waiting for you. It might not be someone waiting in the bushes ready to pounce on you to take your money. It won’t be profitable for a stick up dude to lie in wait on a desolate country road.

Continued…in Night Watch



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