Country Road


Sometimes one may not know what to expect if they walk on a dark and lonely road. You know the type; a rural country road that is narrow, gravel, has no lighting system and the nothing but a thick growth of vegetation on both sides of the road.  You may get unlucky and someone is waiting in the bushes and as soon as you are in their presence they come out and scare you. The ones who don’t jump out the bushes to scare you are the ones who have the intention of robbing you. They may just hit you over the head with a stick, or just shove a gun in your face. Well this type of incident may occur on a well-traveled rural road. But on a desolate less traveled country road there may be a few surprises waiting for you. It might not be someone waiting in the bushes ready to pounce on you to take your money. It won’t be profitable for a stick up dude to lie in wait on a desolate country road.

On this road, Elroy wasn’t unlucky in fact he was quite lucky if you want to look at it this way. Elroy travelled on the desolate road a few times on the way home from work before it gets dark and at late night on his way home after hanging out in a tavern. People often told him that the lonely desolate road isn’t safe. But Elroy didn’t want to take the common road, not because it was safer, it was because he had a secret.

You see on that lonely desolate road Elroy used to hear a beautiful song being sang by a woman. The first time he saw heard the song and caught a glimpse of her one late night; he went back to the road the next morning to see if she lived along the road. But there were no houses along this stretch of road. No one hardly travels on that road for some forgotten reason so no one could say whether seeing or hearing a woman singing in the area was a fragment of Elroy’s imagination. If anyone knew of the presence of this woman, they did not say anything. Elroy was only told that he should not walk on that road alone. They say it isn’t safe; they say there is no life on that road and one may lose their life on that road too. Elroy heard it all. But no one can say why the road isn’t safe. No one can say how a person can lose their life along a road where it seems everyone is too scared to walk through. Not even a criminal. Elroy said to himself, there are too much old wives’ tales that have no merit. So, Elroy continued to walk on that road late at night after he left the tavern.

Finally, one late night while walking on the road he saw the woman with that beautiful voice singing her song, it was music to his ears. Elroy quickly caught up to her. She had beautiful eyes, they were almost hypnotic. Her lips were like cherries and the smell of her perfume was intoxicating. All that and the influence of the liquor was like a magnet. Elroy thought he must get to know this woman. He struck up a conversation; she was game and she was receptive. They walked and talked on that desolate road; then they came to a turn off to a secondary road. Strange, Elroy has never seen that turn off before, even during the day. Maybe this was the direction he heard the voice each night he walked along the road; Perhaps the brush covered the path. Elroy never thought twice, he was glad that he eventually caught up with her.

The woman led him up the path. A gradual walk to a uphill. On top of the hill Elroy saw a silhouette of a building, perhaps it’s her house. The woman did not want to go into the building; she wanted to stay in the yard. Since it was a warm summer night Elroy didn’t object. He had his knapsack with some bottles of wine and a bottle of whisky. The woman picked a spot in the yard and they lit a small fire; and started taking turns swigging the wine and whisky in between swigging the wine and whisky the woman sang some beautiful songs. After a while they began to kiss and make out and it all climaxed to having passionate lovemaking the most intense he ever had. After the lovemaking was done they laid there on the spot she picked in each others arms. Elroy was thinking that he can’t wait to take his new girlfriend on the town showing everyone that he was not crazy, and that the woman with the beautiful singing voice was not a fragment of his imagination. Laying down with a beautiful woman in his arms the ecstasy of being with this passionate woman, and the effects of the wine and whisky took its toll and Elroy eventually dozed off into a deep slumber.

The following day Elroy was awaking by hearing people shouting his name. Elroy was missing for hours and those who know him feared something happened to him since he was a bit tipsy before he walked on that desolate dark country road that they knew he was going to take. They formed a search party to look for him.  It wasn’t until the evening when they found him as the sun was preparing to set.

Elroy was right at the spot that the woman picked where they spent time and he fell asleep the night before. It was on top of the hill where the building of the old abandon church stood; among the bottles of wine and whisky Elroy awoke and found himself lying in the abandon church’s old cemetery at the head stone of Cleopatra the singer who was found dead along the side of that desolate road some fifty years ago. The cause of death was unknown and she was buried in the old cemetery in the yard of the now abandon church.


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