Sometimes it is baffling what is underneath in one’s subconscious mind. How or why the setting and subject of dreams come up. In this case I was an observer of the events and was not part of it. Yet emotions were felt that indicated the fate of some of the participants. Anyway it went like this.

During the night I dreamed about the Iranian Islamic Revolution. I saw that the US embassy been taken over. The image resembled news footage. Then the scene shifted to a gang of militants who took four of the hostages, and put them on a truck. The destination where they were taking the hostages was unknown (the feeling I got). However I saw one of the hostages (in the third person), let’s call him A; A was reading something in a newspaper. Whatever report he was reading he recognized that it was something that happened a long time ago. This was another feeling that I got. Whatever A read was not revealed. However A made a comment. He said “they are just reporting this!” The militants saw that A was reading the newspaper and they  got mad and threw him out of the truck. After they threw him out of the truck they  backed up the truck and ran over his body.  I got feeling that the militants felt that that he died and they drove away.

Then I saw another version of what happened after the militants threw A out the truck. This time I saw that A was decapitated, but his body was still moving; kind of jerking. After the militants drove away A stood up. When he stood up I saw that his head was still on his body, but his face was deformed. A’s head was so deformed I did not see that he had a face at all. I saw that A was stumbling as he walked back to the city; he went to the house of this female reporter that he knows. This reporter is married to an Iranian man.  Now the point of view shifted and I was now looking a A walk up the house though the house’s storm doors. The door was opened and A was begging the woman to help him. Suddenly I was looking at a bed and saw that A was in the bed. The woman put him in the bed she thought he was going to die so she wanted to make him comfortable before he died. I did not see A die, he was just lying in the bed unaware of what happened to him.

Then scene then shifted to a French night club; I don’t know why it had to be a French night club. I mean I’ve been to Irish bars, but a French night club? How did I know it was a French club? It was because that was the feeling/message I got. Anyway the owner of the club put on a dance to raise money for himself and his two assistants to catch the last plane out of the country. He gave the money he raised to one of his assistants (we’ll call him assistant 1) to go to the airport to buy the plane tickets so that him and his other assistants can get out of the country. Before the club closed the patrons were having a last dance. Then soldiers drove up to the club and they shut down the club and took the French people to the French embassy, but arrested the owner and his other assistants.

Assistant 1 who the owner gave the money to go to the airport and buy the plane tickets was still at the airport waiting for the club owner and the other assistants to show up.  When it was time for the plane to leave the owner and the other assistant did not show up, so the assistant 1 boarded the plane, he felt bad that he had to leave without owner and the other assistant. He was unaware that they had been arrested by Soldiers.  The fate of the owner and his other assistant was not revealed.

An American High School basketball team from New York City showed up at the airport, there was just one plane left, and it needed a new propeller. The airport employees allowed the team to take the plane since the militants were looking for Americans. A team member took the controls and flew the plane all the way to N.Y.C landing on the great lawn in Central park; they were greeted as heroes by NYC and were invited to see the mayor.

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  1. Hello True George,

    I was surprised by the unique details and twists in this dream, and the fact that it was about the Iranian Islamic Revolution.

    The ending with a high school basketball player flying and safely landing the airplane in the park was one of the odd twists. ✈

    Thank you for sharing your dream,
    -John Jr

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      • Hello True George,

        I never seen that film before, I did find a trailer on YouTube for a film by that name that made in 1983 but it was not about Vietnam it was about the Nicaraguan Revolution, but the IMDb has an article about a television film called Last Flight Out (1990) that involves Vietnam.

        I noticed that you do not have the Related Posts feature ( enabled on your blog, you can see an example of this in action on the bottom of my posts where you see three images with post names and categories under a section called Related (you have to enable both of those settings for that option if you want Related to show and if you want images to show), when this is enabled will automatically pick three related posts from your blog to display at the bottom of all of your posts that people can click on to view those related posts.

        -John Jr

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          • You are welcome and thank you True George, that might help you get a few more views across more posts as people notice the Related section under each post that they are viewing. 👍

            I also noticed that you are only using a few of the sharing buttons (, there is a way to add all of them without all of them showing up and cluttering underneath your posts like I do on my blog (actually there are two ways, one in the New Dashboard, and one in the WP Admin (Classic) Dashboard which is what I use mostly), all you have to do is drag some of the sharing buttons to a box next to that setting where it says: “Services dragged here will be hidden behind a share button.” and that will hide those sharing buttons behind one button that people can click on to see all of the rest of the share buttons (this can also be done differently in the New Dashboard, the video in that links shows that way).

            With all of the sharing buttons enabled that will give your viewers more ways to share your posts/pages with others across more services.

            -John Jr

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              • Hello True George,

                No account is required to add any of the social media buttons, but if someone clicks one of those buttons to share your post/page they will need an account for the service that they click on to be able to share it on that service.

                -John Jr

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                Good luck,
                -John Jr


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