In The Subway


I came home from a party that was held at a place called “The Transit Hall” around 3am to 4am in the morning. The Transit Hall is a kind of club that belongs to a fraternal organization of NYC Transit Authority workers. When I got home I slept until about 6:00am- 7:00am, had to get up to make it to first formation at my National Guard unit. It’s a good thing that I had to report to the Armory in good ole Brooklyn and I didn’t have to go to the Armory in Queens. I would never have made it. During my brief slumber this dream occurred.

I saw myself going in the subway buying a Metro card, when I saw a woman begging (pan-handling) for money. I did not recognize who the woman was, but I saw that she was getting money from strangers. Then the woman approached me; when she came close I had feelings of familiarity. It was as though I knew her (in the dream). However, her face was cloudy so I don’t know who she actually was. The feeling that I got was that I knew her from my work location in the Center; a gov’t bureaucratic building where I work as a government bureaucrat.  The feelings I got is that the woman is a recipient of government funded services. On that note I refused to give her any money because I knew that she did not have to beg.

The scene shifted, and now I was at the bottom of the subway stairs, at the subway exit. I saw some money on the ground, and I picked it up. When I saw some people passing by; I quickly hid the money behind my back. After the people had gone past, I looked and I saw that it was more money than I thought it was. It was a bunch of dollar bills with a one dollar bill on top and the rest were twenty-dollar bills. I preceded going through the subway passage then I spotted another bundle of money on the floor. Suddenly the woman appeared nearby the bundle of money; I started to walk briskly towards the money; but the woman saw the money and before I could get to it she picked it up. I went over to the woman to see how much it was.  I saw that it was more then what I had found. After that what happened next is a blur.

Then the scene became clear again. What I saw that I was in line at the token booth where I was waiting to buy a subway token or metro card. There were two people in line ahead of me and one person was behind me; and the woman was the behind the person that was behind me. Now the woman appeared to be homeless. She said that she wanted to go to the bathroom, and then she took off her pants and started to take a pee (women pee; men piss). The pee went on the floor and started running down, as it would normally do. Then I saw that the woman started to pee on the person behind me. The pee hit him square in the seat of his pants. The pee went further but it just missed me by a few inches. The person behind me who she peed on was pissed but he did not curse the woman out or slap the woman. The whole thing was hilarious and I was laughing partly because I thought that the woman intended to pee on me; I had feelings that she did not know who the person was standing behind me.

The dream cycled ended. It is ironic that when I woke I still had feelings of being amused.

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  1. women pee; men piss. In Oz either gender can be a pisser or a pee-er.
    “The person behind me who she peed on was pissed”. We must infer from this “the person” was male?
    More work needs to be done on extending the urination lexicon to be inclusive of the LGBTQI+ communities. Pee/piss should not be used as oppressive sexist labels to gender type folk!

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    • I see you got the irony of being pissed cause someone (female) peed on him. But in retrospect the person who was pissed he got peed on could have been a female. Both male and female get pissed off…. You also saw the irony in woman pee, men piss a saying that I heard…
      Yeah, “urination” could have been used but in the context of the setting that word would be to formal or does not hit home a feeling…
      Yeah I agree more work needs to be done. I’m working on it.
      Thanks for reading and comments


  2. Hello True George,

    Was the woman’s face literally cloudy/blurry so you could not see her face clearly?

    The urination part at the end was definitely unique and strange and goofy and nasty and crazy.

    Thank you for sharing your dream,
    -John Jr

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