Another dream that did make any particular sense to me. Yet it did have some metaphors that might have been related to how I felt about the woman that was mentioned in the dream. I mean when you talk about parking in a woman’s garage then only one thing comes to mind. Anyway, if anyone can make sense of this dream please holla at me.

The dream started off with me observing:

I was in a place that resembled the playing field on the street where I use to play football, and baseball in my early teens. In fact, the field was the back yard of a church. Two people that I know ( feeling felt in the dream), but unidentifiable in the dream asked me to give them a lift. I went to get my car; the car appeared to be the Nissan Maxima that I used to own. After I arrived into the area, I was looking to park the car, I came across a house. I knew who the house belong too; it was Ethelia W’s house. Since I know Ethelia I decided to park my car in the garage, while I go get the two people whom I was going to give a lift to let them know that I have the car ready to go. When I came back, Ethelia had returned back home. I greeted her and asked her how was everything. I told her that I had parked my car in her garage and that I am ready to leave, but her car is blocking me in; and I asked her if she could move her I car so that I can leave. She said that the next time I want to park my car in her garage, I should ask her first. She told her son A to go and move her car so that I can get my car out of her garage. Her car was directly behind my car, and on the left side there were two smaller cars. The smaller cars did not resemble any car I recognized, but Ethelia’s car was a Toyota Camry, the exact size and shape of my car, but different color.

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  1. True George- I’m happy to have found another person posting their dreams online.

    I have not really tried to analyze other people’s dreams before. But my thoughts are, maybe you are standing in your own way? Inherently blocking yourself from being able to do something? Have you done something or made a choice that then inhibits you from accomplishing something else?

    Thanks for sharing your dream

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