Stop & Frisk


Sometimes when a dream occur it could be influenced by something that was the dream of a Hollywood director, production crew and actors. This time remnants of this dream played out just like a scene from Enter the Dragon where Jim Kelly had to teach some cops a lesson. It is amazing how the subconscious pluck the movies to give you a frame of representation of the images that our minds construct:

I dreamed that I was the U.K; there was a scene that I was waiting for a bus the bus did not go on a direct route where I wanted to go, the route went up the main road, the direction North (upwards). The bus I took and the bus that I wanted to take took the same road, but in the opposite direction and it turned to the road where I wanted to go. I saw the bus go off onto the road yet I did not see the bus reach its destination. The next thing that I saw was some community activist protesting the actions of the police. The police appeared as NYC police. The complaint was about the harassment that they were giving to black people. They were stopping them and arresting them for no reason at all. I said to myself that I did not have any problem with the police, then I saw a tall young black man running down the street, and then I saw another one, then I saw a third one, the were running to get home because the curfew was about to start. I saw that I was in a strange area, I asked one of the men how do I get out of this area, I do not remember being given any answers. Then two policemen came to me and said that those men were gang members, and that I fit the description of someone who was carrying a gun. I did not have any weapon on me, but the policemen put me in handcuffs anyway. They then made a remark that they will let me go but I would have to leave naked. I said to myself that this was not acceptable, so I used some defense moves and  knocked down the officer on my right; and then I knocked down the one on the left, I took the keys from the officer on my right; the officer on my left opened the handcuffs and I escaped. The officers did not pursue me.

Then there was this scene (recurring that happened in other dreams). It was a corner with a telephone booth, and a store, in past dreams the store was a candy store, and other times appeared as a liquor store. I was looking for a friend of mine, D M. This time he was not at the corner, I did not know where he was. The store now appeared as a barbershop. His sister was there, she recognized me even though I had not seen her in years. I asked her where was D M, she said he is working on a show for HBO. The name of the show came out blurry. She repeated what she had said. I thought to myself that it was very good that he had gotten a job working on a show for HBO. While I was in the barbershop I saw that I had my hands full. I had some tools; I  put them down so that I can put them in a bag to make it easy for me to carry, there was an empty barber’s chair, so I sat in the chair fixing the things in order. D M’s sister came and gave me a bag, which made things easy for me to carry. After that I was in a car I was driving with a woman to an unknown destination……

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