After releasing some stress rolling with my fellow Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners I was feeling relaxed; the only thing that I did after that was to go grab something to eat and hit the sack. Being in a relaxed state the quality of sleep and subjective experience is usually enhanced.

While in the dream state I was on a construction site; there was some type of commotion and an explosion where 3 people got killed. The people that got killed became martyrs for some type of labor movement. Then I was transported back in time before the explosion took place. I saw one of my friends; incidentally this friend is also a long time member of my National Guard Unit; Carlos S.

There was some talk about him not working on the weekends. Then an old man that usually worked during the week showed up. It seemed that workers worked double hours during the week, and on Saturdays but on Sundays they allowed some workers on site but they didn’t have to do the amount of work that they were required to do during the week. Most workers did not know this and did not want to work on Sundays. But the old man decided to work on that day, Carlos was supposed to be at work. So on the Sunday of the explosion two men were already in the hole and the old man went into the hole. Then the explosion happened and the old man was blown out of the hole. The two men that were already in the hole died in the hole and the old man died when he was blown out of the hole.  Carlos mentioned it was a good thing he didn’t go in and they were waiting for him to show up. He never showed up. I was observing the events.

The scene shifted; I was in a bar and it seemed that I was waiting for the bar tender so that I can order a drink. Then I saw that the beer tap was old, and that the bar tender was offered new beer taps. Currently he had only on tap for one type of beer; the 4 new taps would give him the ability to serve 4 different types of beer. Then my cousin King Solomon came up behind me and he was with two other people. He said that we should have some beers. I said OK but I cannot have any beer because it would aggravate my gout I’m going to order a mixed drink.

King Solomon and the other two people that he was with laughed and said that I was exaggerating and that I should stop messing around and have a beer.  I went to the bar tender to order the drinks, but he was taking a long time to serve them up. I was waiting for bartender to bring the drinks. King Solomon said to hurry up and get the drinks so we can leave and go to a better bar.

The bar tender finally served the beers, but I was still waiting for my mixed drink. He was taking such a long time, and then I heard he didn’t have any more glasses to serve the drinks.  I saw that there was a small sink in the bar tender area but nobody was there to wash the glasses.  I saw that a basin with glasses was being slide across the bar, the basin hit me and some of the soapy water splashed on me. The bar tender apologized, I said it was OK, and then I saw three more basins of soapy water filled with dirty glasses slide my way. Then I directed the basin and it slide on the other section of the bar down. After the basins slide to the other side of the bar; I finally got my drink in a chilled glass.       

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