Ring Leader

I got up and went to my window and saw that the air condition unit was being taken out from the outside. It was being stolen and the thieves were a bunch of kids. I attempt to pull the air conditioner unit back in but could not get the leverage.

There were kids on the window ledge on the building across the street and they were also getting their air condition stolen. To save my air condition I decided to get my gun. I pulled down the curtain so that the thieves won’t see where I hid my gun in case they may come back to burglarize the room when I’m not home.  When I got my gun and I cocked it back I saw that the gun was not assembled properly and the upper sliding receiver wasn’t locked in place. So I took it to another room to assemble it but for some reason I couldn’t get it right. 

 I went back to the bedroom and I started to push the kids off the ledge.  During the struggle one of the kids somehow made it in the room and snuck behind me and had a metal pole and was about to hit me in the head. Just when he was about to hit me I turned my head and saw him; I moved out the way and slugged him, picked him up and threw him out the window. 

Shortly afterwards I saw the ring leader; she was an older female. We had some words then the scene changed. The scene became some type of street fair; only the fair was in my bedroom. There were vendor stalls set up.  I was standing at one of the vendor stalls, the stall belonged to an enlightened spiritual Teacher; an Iman. However the Iman suddenly slumped over as though he was unconscious. Then the ring leader of the kids appeared and since the Iman was unconscious she started to steal the scented oils; I tried to alert the Iman and that his stuff was being stolen. But he would not wake up, so I decided to stop her.

When I made the attempt I discovered that this female was also an enlightened being. She started to use some type of spiritual martial arts to beat me up and leave with her stolen goods. But I countered with my own martial arts training. I used my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu skills and off balanced her and used leverage against her which was very successful. Once I had her in position I swept her and put her in a Kimora lock. The moves prevailed over her spiritual martial arts. Then the fight session was broken up by others and she was being led outside. Before was led outside by the other unidentified people I put my finger between her legs and swiped her crouch and said “I bet you’re wet after that bitch….”and walked away…

© 2020 All Rights Reserved


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