Woke up early and decided to write something from my dream journal onto the blog. After that I went back to bed to get a little bit more sleep before getting up and heading out to the government building and put in a day doing my bureaucratic activates.

 Laying on my right side I don’t how long it was before I heard a sound that sounded like a refrigerator motor; then a little bit after I felt that someone or something was moving the sheet off me.  I felt like an attempt was being made to insert an object that felt like a probe into me. I felt the touch of someone attempting to examine me, touching my body with some type of medical scanner.

 I started to resist the examination, I felt the body of the being doing the examination and I made an attempt to throw him over my shoulder. However the attempt failed, but succeeded in stopping the examination.

Then I saw flashes of blue and red lights like the ones that are on top of an emergency vehicle.  My first thought was maybe an ambulance, fire truck or Police car was outside my building, but the flashes of light did not emit from the window, it was emitted from my rear. Then the being attempted to touch me again and I resisted again.

 I did not cooperate in any manner to being an examination subject. Then I felt the presence that was in the room disappear, along with the flashing lights. Perhaps there was some type of intervention because I started to see images of a grave and some type of message of the person buried there. It was a great grandmother. I’m not too sure what to make of it.

This was not the first time of that I felt that I was being a subject being examined by extraterrestrial beings. Also it wasn’t the first time that I saw the grave.   

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